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Does marcel take the serum?

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Elijah tore Marcel’s heart out when he confronted him about the serum, which ultimately resulted in the death of the old Mikaelson ally and adversary… It was revealed at the end of the episode that Marcel actually took the miraculous serum the minute Vincent offered it to him. This information came as a surprise.

After consuming the serum, does Marcel end up passing away?

Yep, yet ANOTHER one of the primary characters

Not only that, but we also said our final goodbyes to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis)…. Marcel had ingested the serum in order to transform into a super-beast so that the Mikaelsons would believe he had died; yet, he is still very much alive and will undoubtedly seek vengeance on the family.

In Season 3, does Marcel end up consuming the serum?

You need to understand that the minute Vincent offered Marcel the serum, Marcel downed it without any hesitation at all. He made it appear to everyone that he had not yet consumed the beverage by walking around with the bottle, but in reality, he had already made up his mind. Elijah accomplished the completion of the ceremony by killing Marcel, and Marcel has now become the type of monster they had been attempting to avoid.

Have the Mikaelsons been forgiven by Marcel?

In the story “From a Cradle to a Grave,” Marcel is the one who is ultimately responsible for the safety of Hope, who is owned by Klaus. He killed Monique Deveraux with the Devil’s Star, which he had intended to use on Klaus. But instead, he used it on her. He rescues the infant from the chaos that has ensued in the graveyard and brings him back to the abattoir, where he is pardoned by Klaus and given the opportunity to recover.

In the originals, how do they put an end to Marcel’s reign of terror?

Even though a few barbs were thrown back and forth, Marcel was only rendered unconscious by the end of the conflict, which was a considerable step down from what the Hollow had hoped to accomplish. The fact that Klaus chose not to kill Marcel is sufficient evidence that he is making progress toward redemption, as Elijah pointed out.

Following Marcel’s consumption of the drug, Elijah takes his life. #TheOriginals | Season3 | Episode22

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Can an original compel Marcel?

Marcel balks. You can’t compel an Original. Vincent encourages Marcel to give it a shot because Marcel is quite strong. Because of his might and Vincent’s spell, it ought to be successful.

Does Marcel try out the treatment?

Rebekah gave her consent to Marcel Gerard’s marriage on the condition that he acknowledge that she would age and pass away, despite the fact that this would prevent her from ever realizing her dream of starting a family…. When their long lives in the Notebook have come to an end, when they pass away next to one another, and when they are prepared to leave, he will give the remedy to Rebekah.

Does Marcel still hold the title of the beast?

It was revealed at the end of the episode that Marcel actually took the miraculous serum the minute Vincent offered it to him. This information came as a surprise. On “The Originals,” Marcel evolved into the most dangerous creature imaginable, and he now has his sights set on the Mikaelsons. It’s possible that Elijah, Klaus, and Hayley may conclude that Marcel is no longer alive given that Elijah severed his heart from his body.

Does hope have the upper hand over Marcel?

If you were to choose between hope and macel, who would you pick? (All Hope-based powers, including that of the vampire). Marcel is a powerful vampire that has a lot of expertise in the field. Hope, on the other hand, is a werewolf, a witch, and carries some of the vampire’s original blood in her. She has worked on her hand-to-hand combat skills with Alaric Saltzman, who is an accomplished fighter.

Which is the more powerful, Marcel or Klaus?

In a similar vein, Marcel was also more powerful than the Originals and Klaus, and he was able to defeat them with relative ease. Super Speed: They are also noticeably and much faster than the majority of the supernatural creatures that have been observed up to this point.

To what does Lucien ultimately transform?

Lucien, who had no power as a human, made the most of the power he obtained by being changed into a vampire and created a prosperous and luxurious life for himself. He did this because he had no power as a human.

How exactly does Marcel become an improved version of the original?

The transformation of Lucien Castle and Marcel Gerard into Original Vampires by the usage of a reverse-engineered version of an Immortality Spell is referred to as producing Upgraded Original Vampires. This is the type of Original Vampire that they became. It was prophesied that it would bring about the downfall of the Mikaelson Siblings or that it would be created out of the ashes of the Original Family.

Have you, Aurora, taken the serum?

It was around this time that Lucien disclosed his newfound strength to Aurora and offered for her to take the serum as well so that they might work together to achieve the same goal, which was to fulfill the prophecy and kill the whole Mikaelson family. Aurora accepted this offer.

Does Elijah survive Marcels bite?

The King Is Marcel

His bite is lethal to vampires in the same way that a werewolf’s bite is, with the exception that it cannot be treated with Klaus’ blood. Because Elijah tore out his heart, but he still survived, he is now the character on The Originals who is considered to be the most immortal.

What episode does Marcel die?

Marcel Gerard

Who among the players has the most influence in legacies?

6 Hope Mikaelson

During the course of The Originals, Hope demonstrates her potential for magic first as a young kid and later as a teenager. Yet, given Hope’s prominent role on the show Legacies, it might be argued that she is the most influential of all the characters in the series.

Which among the Mikaelson is the most powerful of the clan?

The First Editions: The Major Characters, Ordered According to Their Strength
  1. 1 Klaus. Because he was a vampire with the abilities of a werewolf, Klaus was the first hybrid ever created in the world.
  2. 2 Elijah. …
  3. 3 Marcel. …
  4. 4 Rebekah Mikaelson. …
  5. 5 Hayley Marshall. …
  6. 6 Davina Claire. …
  7. 7 Kol Mikaelson. … 8 Freya Mikaelson. …

In what way did Marcel protect Haley when she was a baby?

In the story “From a Cradle to a Grave,” Marcel was able to preserve Hope, the newborn daughter of Hayley, by eliminating Monique Deveraux, the person who had slain Hayley after she had given birth. After that, he assisted the Mikaelsons in creating a death hoax for Hope in order to safeguard her, and he allowed Klaus to coerce him into forgetting about Hayley and Klaus’ daughter. Hope was safe now.

Who has the more power? Marcel or Alaric?

Marcel is a Hybird with the ability to put Originals to death. However Alaric is stronger than the originals and isn’t affected by the white oak where as Marcel is. Alaric’s life was originally attached to Elena, but after she passed away, he was resurrected as a vampire who was not bound to anything in particular. The originals’ lives were bound to 10 white oak trees.

Who is it in the original story that ends up killing Lucien and Aurora?

In the book Where Nothing Stays Buried, once Klaus has the manpower and the ideal strategy to do so, he exacts his revenge on Lucien for the death of Cami. Once Freya Mikaelson is successful in removing the Beast’s curse from Lucien’s body, Klaus Mikaelson takes his life in retaliation for Cami Mikaelson’s death and kills Lucien.

Is Marcel a Mikaelson?

Marcel Mikaelson is a member of the Mikaelson Family, and the Mikaelson Coven may be traced back to Marcel through his son.

Is there a baby on the way for Rebekah and Marcel?

Instagram account for Babes Of Ships: “The first child that Rebekah and Marcel had was a girl named Kenna. She follows in her relatives’ footsteps as a witch and went to the Salvatore academy with them.

Did Rebekah become human in TVD?

Following her departure at the end of the first season, Rebekah Sinclair (nĂ©e Mikaelson), who had been one of the series’ main characters, appeared as a special guest in subsequent seasons of the show as well as in Eternal Darkness. She was one of the Original Vampires before the transformation that returned her to her human form in the season one finale.

Have Rebekah and Marcel been given the treatment?

In spite of the fact that Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) got the happy ending she wanted with Marcel Gerard, the specifics of how she was able to take “the cure” and live a mortal life with Marcel were a bit confusing. Fortunately, the show’s creator Julie Plec has explained the timing to TVLine.