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Does Gloom Have Breast Cancer? GloomGames Kassie Isabelle Health Update And Boyfriend


Does Gloom Have Breast Cancer? GloomGames Kassie Isabelle Health Update And Boyfriend

Is Kassie Isabelle suffering from breast cancer? Listed below is all we know so far about the YouTuber Gloom.

Kassie Isabelle, often known as Gloom, is a Canadian YouTuber.

On the site, she has 6.97 million users, according to her. She came out as openly pansexual in 2018, which is the first time she has done so.

Does Kassie Isabelle Have Breast Cancer? An Update on Her Health – Does She Have Breast Cancer?

Kassie Isabelle is not suffering from breast cancer.

According to her most recent YouTube video, Signing Off, she disclosed that she went to the hospital on Christmas Eve after feeling a lump near her right breast that was a little scratchy. She said she had no idea what it was. The doctor did recommend that she get an ultrasound four days later in order to clear up any confusion.

Furthermore, Kassie’s aunt, Kassima, died of cancer when she was just a few years younger than the YouTube star.

She continued to interrogate the doctor in order to get some insight before her next visit. He encouraged her to keep her spirits up since the lump wasn’t a huge one, wasn’t too deep, didn’t seem to be lodged, and was quite smooth, with no appendages, as she had feared.

Next that, she returned home and informed Terry, but she did not inform her family and friends until the following day. On the day of her visit, she was had to wait three hours before receiving an ultrasound. Following the outcome of the test, the radiologist requested that she have a mammography.

Following the scans, the nurse informed her that she had a cyst rather than breast cancer. She, on the other hand, was unable to get information on the sort of vehicle. She was under a lot of stress since the doctor had told her she would have to get a biopsy if the tumour was fibrous. As a result, she was unable to upload videos to YouTube.

At the conclusion of the video, Kassie said that she would be taking a month off work. That Christmas worry was one of the factors that influenced her choice to take a break from YouTube for a bit.

Exactly who is Kassie Isabelle’s boyfriend and whether or not she is married is unknown.

Kassie Isabelle is not married at this time.

Teebs Liebersteen, her fiancé, is a model who has been dating her since 2007. He is a buddy of her elder brother’s and they have a good relationship.

According to a September 2016 Q&A, Kassie was the one who asked the man out on a date. The letter exposed her inherent affinity to Terry, which she had hitherto concealed. In a video broadcast to YouTube on January 4, 2020, she announced that she and her boyfriend had been engaged. In that video, her fiancée said that he had intended to pop the question when he was 24, but that his financial condition got in the way.

The year 2019 marked the beginning of his secret creation for a ring for Gloom. He also enlisted the assistance of several of his girlfriend’s pals. The couple had intended to propose on a summer vacation in Singapore, but their plans changed and they ended up in Cuba, where they did not have a pleasant time.

Finally, at an art museum, Terry proposed to the YouTuber and asked for her hand in marriage. At the end of the video, Kassie expressed her delight.

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