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Does fitment industries ship to puerto rico?

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

Do You Provide Shipping to Other Countries? Yes. We regularly send packages to a wide variety of nations, including Canada, Australia, and a number of other countries in between. Note that unless otherwise noted, the shipping costs for Fitment Industries only cover freight within the 48 states that are physically connected to one another.

I was wondering if Fitment Industries offers shipping to Hawaii.

In addition, we are unable to offer a warranty on the fitment of custom-drilled wheels; nevertheless, in the event that the manufacturer makes an error, we will assist in mediating a solution. It’s possible that some automobiles or applications won’t work. In the event that this is the case, we will inform you prior to your purchase. Complimentary delivery is not available for purchases that have to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

Fitment Industries is owned by Alex, right?

I started Artisa ArtFormed Wheels when I was 26 years old, and it quickly became the most successful wheel brand in the ultralight, deco-directional wheels market for the car sector… My focus these days is on SD Wheel, which is the parent company of some of my favorite businesses, like Custom Offsets and Fitment Industries.

When it comes to shipping wheels, how long does it typically take Fitment Industries?

#3 100% Assurance of Prompt Delivery

Because of this, we are now able to provide free shipping in addition to a speedy delivery in as little as 7 days! That means you might be able to have everything set up and ready to go by the time of the next automobile meetup. You can tell which wheel and tire packages are eligible for expedited shipping by looking for the miniature blue shopping cart icon on the product page.

The Fitment Industries Street Team is comprised of who exactly?

Our program for brand ambassadors and affiliates is called the Fitment Industries Street Team… You will be able to promote Fitment Industries to your online friends and followers with the assistance of our program. You will receive points for sharing content, and you will earn additional points for referring sales, regardless of whether those sales take place in-person or online.


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Who is the owner of the fitting industry?

Modern Automotive Performance, which was founded in 2006 by Chris and Kyle, two enthusiastic enthusiasts who pushed each other to create quicker cars, is built on the same humble foundation as Fitment Industries; they are genuine enthusiasts who wish to assist other enthusiasts.

Is it the case that Custom Offsets owns Fitment Industries?

We Have Concluded a Partnership With a Third Party Organization

The truck guys at Custom Offsets were the ones who started everything off. About 2013, they made their debut in the aftermarket truck wheels, tires, and suspension sector of the industry. They became so successful that they made the decision to enter the automotive industry, which led to the establishment of Fitment Industries.

Why is there a backlog for tire orders?

Because the manufacturer does not have enough inventory to fulfill our order at this time, and because they are unable to provide us with a date when they expect to have enough inventory to fulfill our orders, we are forced to place orders on “backorder.”

What does it mean to have free mount and balance?

What exactly is meant by “mounting” and “balancing”? The procedure of putting new tires on new wheels, known as tire mounting, needs the use of specific equipment in order to be completed successfully. The process of ensuring that there is an even distribution of weight throughout the tire and wheel assembly of your vehicle is referred to as balancing.

Are TPMS systems installed by fitting industries?

Does the Installation of TPMS Sensors Already Belong to My New Wheels? You are required to make a decision on whether or not you want to use TPMS sensors before you can add the new wheel and tire combo to your cart. If you select this option, the sensors will be attached to the products before they are sent to you for shipment.

Who exactly owns the rights to use Custom offsets?

Sincerely, Shawn Chartier The Financial Backer

Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Custom Offsets, as well as a multiple-time business owner. In 2012, after becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the dearth of information and images available on online forums, he and Ben developed the website CustomOffsets.com.

Is SD Wheel the same firm as custom offsets, or are they two separate businesses?

It gives us great pleasure to share the news that we have recently formed a collaboration with SD Wheel Wholesale. This indicates that the Custom Offsets Wholesale Program will soon be renamed SD Wheel Wholesale when the transfer becomes effective.

Do you have to pay tax to fitment Industries?

What About the VAT on Sales? … Fitment Inc. is not responsible for paying these additional taxes and fees, and it is the responsibility of the customer to conduct the necessary research and have an understanding of these expenses; we do not have the ability to provide an estimate of these additional expenditures.

What exactly is meant by the terms “mount” and “balance”?

In order to properly balance each tire, the wheel and tire assembly must first be mounted on the balancing machine and then subjected to a battery of diagnostic examinations. The technician will be able to repair any imbalances that are caused by the use of this machine, which will pinpoint the areas of the tire and wheel assembly that are out of balance.

What is the going rate for mounting and balancing a set of tires?

The process of mounting and balancing

Count on having to pay: The price of a tire can range anywhere from to across the industry, depending on the size of the tire.

Mounting and balancing—does that mean the same thing as alignment?

The difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing is that wheel alignment refers to how your wheels sit when they are installed to your car, whereas wheel balancing refers to the process of ensuring that the weight of a tire and wheel assembly is exactly balanced so that it travels evenly.

Why is there such a severe lack of tires in the market?

At least through the year 2021, the shortage of rubber and tires is more likely the result of problems in the supply chain and logistics than it is of a demand-supply imbalance. Similar sentiments were expressed by Kal Tires, which is the most successful independent tire store in Canada. They stated that supply chain issues were to blame for the current tire shortage.

Are there any delays with the tire order?

Why are there two separate listings for the same tire? … When a tire is on backorder, it implies that the manufacturer is unable to provide an estimated date for when the tire will be available in stock.

What exactly is a wheel offset?

The term “offset” refers to the manner in which the wheels and tires of your car or truck are installed and sit in the wheel wells… The term “positive wheel offset” refers to the situation in which the hub mounting surface is located in front of the centerline of the wheel (i.e., more toward the side facing the street). The majority of wheels on vehicles with front-wheel drive and newer vehicles with rear-wheel drive have a positive offset.

How do you determine the size of a tire?

The aspect ratio of a tire is indicated by the two-digit number that comes after the slash mark in the size of the tire. For instance, in a tire with the dimensions P215/65 R15, the number 65 indicates that the height of the tire corresponds to 65% of its width. When the aspect ratio is greater, the sidewall of the tire will also be greater in size.

Are Arkon wheels Manufactured in USA?

THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT ALL OF THESE PARTS ARE Produced in the United States of America. It is pretty obvious how much this truck needs some new rollers now that the lift has been completed and the truck has been placed back on the ground. THIS TRUCK HAS BEEN EQUIPPED WITH A SET OF 24X14 ARKON WHEELS AND 35-INCH TIRES, SO IT IS READY TO HAVE THE WIDE STANCE THAT IS COMMON IN THE PRESENT DAY AND AGE.

When do custom offsets first open their doors?

Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Who passed away because of Custom Offsets?

Custom Offsets will make a donation to the family of one of our employees, Conor, for every T-shirt that is purchased from them. He was a member of the workforce at Custom Offsets who battled depression and issues related to his mental health. Tragically, he lost his fight in October of 2019, leaving behind two young sons as a legacy to the company.