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Does deafening silence mean?

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Deafening-silence meaning

(idiomatic) A hush, or the absence of any response, which may be seen as an indication of disfavor or a lack of excitement. The idea that they should continue working over the holidays was met with deafening silence from everyone.

How can you make a sentence with the phrase “deafening silence”?

The flatline alarm was unnoticed due to the deafening quiet that prevailed throughout the occasional and lackadaisical contract negotiations. Why, therefore, is there such a resounding hush on the political front? But, the game ended, and there was a deafening silence after it. It won’t matter how long he spends alone or how loudly he keeps to himself.

What is an example of the deafening quiet that exists?

The combination of an adjective and a noun is by far the most typical form of an oxymoron. One example of an oxymoron is the phrase “deafening silence,” which refers to a stillness that is so overwhelming that it almost seems deafening, or exceedingly loud-just as a real sound would.

How exactly does one make use of the deafening silence?

The sound of crickets, mosquitoes, and the occasional hoot of an owl punctured the stifling silence. The sound of the wooden door bursting open was loud enough to be heard through the already deafening quiet in the room. It appeared as though a bomb had exploded behind the door.

Why is there such a resounding silence?

The brain generates noise in order to fill the void, and this is what we experience as tinnitus. It’s possible that only somebody with acute deafness could reach this level of quiet, which is paradoxically loud…. My tinnitus fluctuates in pitch from time to time, sounding like an ethereal keening from deep space. In fact, I kind of prefer my tinnitus because it’s so easy for me.

What does it indicate when there is an eerie silence?

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What is quiet such a potent weapon?

Being with another person while maintaining a respectful silence can be a very effective approach to “be” with someone, particularly when they are struggling. It is possible to convey acceptance of the other person in their current state, particularly when they are experiencing powerful emotions like as grief, fear, or rage, especially when it is done in a way that acknowledges those sentiments.

What makes complete quiet so eerie?

Individuals who have trouble keeping quiet frequently also experience the anxiety of being abandoned and the fear of the unknown. One of the reasons that silence is so terrifying is that it generates a sense of expectation, which may either be exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on what you are anticipating to find when you break the stillness. Since you don’t have any auditory signals to tell you what’s going on, anything can appear like it could be happening.

Is the phrase “deafening quiet” meant to be a metaphor?

2. The silence is painful to listen to. This metaphor illustrates how there are times when you might be acutely aware of the stillness around you and the message it is conveying. One possible scenario in which this occurs is a basketball game in which the home team comes out on the losing end.

How do you describe silence?

The following is a list of adjectives that can be used to describe silence: sullen and ominous, incorruptible, unchanging, rather christ-like, aloof and rather christ-like, immensely cold and savage, immensely cold, verbal but not emotional, sudden, unquiet, thick, busy, heavy and thoughtful, short, heavy and thoughtful, mutual, awkward, dead, grim, queer,…

What does it imply when people say that quiet is golden?

-people used to believe that it was wiser to be quiet than to open their mouths in certain situations.

What kind of figurative language is meant to be conveyed by the phrase “deafening silence”?

An example of a figure of speech known as an oxymoron occurs when two terms that seem to be in opposition to one another are used together. To provide just a few examples, there is the deafening stillness, the harmonious discord, the open secret, and the living dead.

Where is the eerie silence that has descended?

Position of the Solution

An uninhabited island may be found in the middle of the bay on the northern side of Alexandria. This island can be found between the great lighthouse and the library. The treasure is located on the western bank, on top of a small rocky ledge with a downed tree right next to it.

What does it mean when someone says that there was an eerie silence when the instructor entered the room?

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two terms that are diametrically opposed to one another are placed side by side. An illustration of this would be a room that was completely silent.

What is the correct usage of the word “excruciating” in a sentence?

Because the pain was so unbearable, he had no choice but to lie perfectly still in his bed. You have not suffered the painful pain or experienced the sweet pleasure of sitting here through this intriguing and brilliant discussion. On that day, we were all subjected to the agonizing experience of accumulating our trays and waiting in lines for an interminable amount of time.

What does it mean to use the word temporary in a sentence?

characterized by a lack of continuity or uniformity.
  1. I have been hired on as a temp.
  2. Do not base a long-term choice on an emotion that will only last temporarily.
  3. He asserted that he was temporarily insane in his defense.
  4. The medicines provided some relief from the severe pain, albeit only temporarily.
  5. They just agreed to a compromise for the time being.

How should the word affectionate be used in a sentence?

Example of a statement containing affection. I adore the kind manner in which they behave and the expressive way in which they wag their tails. On that particular day, she appeared to be more charitable and affectionate than she ever had been with everyone. Henry was a protective and warm-hearted father, yet he was also distrustful and possessive.

What exactly is the value of remaining silent?

The absence of sound enables individuals to engage in activities such as introspection and daydreaming, both of which stimulate various regions of the brain. It provides us with the opportunity to quiet the chatter in our heads and concentrate on the issues that are truly important. In addition to this, it fosters mindfulness, which may be defined as the awareness and appreciation of the here and now.

How does one indicate silence in written work?

If you want to create a pause in the conversation, just leave out one answer. Replace the typical prompt answer that occurs between speakers with utter silence from one of the characters. That sums it up nicely.

How would you characterize a lull in the conversation?

A period of silent thought, prayer, reflection, or meditation is known as a moment of silence. This length of time may also be referred to as a minute’s silence or a one-minute silence. Participants in a minute of silence may traditionally bow their heads, take off their hats, and abstain from speaking or moving for the duration of the time.

What exactly does “silent complicity” mean?

The concept of silent complicity suggests that companies have moral obligations that extend beyond the negative domain of just trying to avoid causing harm. In essence, it suggests that corporations have a moral responsibility to aid in the protection of human rights by exerting pressure on perpetrator host governments engaging in human rights violations. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Please define oxymoron and offer five examples.

The capacity of oxymorons like “seriously hilarious,” “original copy,” “plastic glasses,” and “obviously confused” to make sense despite their opposing forces is what lends wit to writing. Some examples of oxymorons are “seriously funny,” “original copy,” “plastic glasses,” and “clearly confused.” Uncover a more profound significance. An oxymoron is a pair of seemingly contradictory phrases that together reflect a more nuanced concept.

Why is it that quiet is reviled?

Fear of silence is a specific phobia that, like all other specific phobias, is typically brought on by a traumatic or bad event that occurred in the phobic’s life…. Because of their constant need for their phone, music, TV, or the sounds of traffic surrounding them, some people are unable to meditate or stay in a quiet room for even a few minutes at a time because they cannot stand the silence.

How can I get over my fear of being alone with my thoughts?

If being quiet is a taught behavior, then overcoming that fear can be accomplished by unlearning. Meditation on awareness and attentiveness are both helpful practices for accomplishing this goal. Confronting the sense of silence is a good place to start if you want to learn how to pay attention more intently.

Why is there a preponderance of silence in scary movies?

Both of these sequences demonstrate that directors of horror movies do not require the use of sound in order to create suspense and tension in their work. Both hearing and deaf viewers were able to enjoy the films produced during the Silent Film era, which contributed to the uniqueness of this time period. Moreover, deaf actors were cast in silent films more regularly.