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Does aiden die in the originals?

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After the tragic deaths of both of the Mikaelson parents, Aiden (Colin Woodell) was murdered by Dahlia (Claudia Black) on Monday’s episode. Dahlia made it appear as though Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had betrayed his own spy by killing Aiden, therefore it was assumed that Klaus had betrayed Aiden.

In The Originals, has Aiden been killed off?

Aiden L. was a reoccurring character on The Originals who made his debut in the fourth episode of the second season. He had advanced to the level of an Evolved Werewolf… Dahlia killed Aiden before the end of the second season in an effort to frame Niklaus Mikaelson and cause additional discord within the Mikaelson family.

Why did Klaus say he killed Aiden?

Josh and Davina came over Aiden’s body, and they did not hesitate to tell Jackson about it. This was exactly what Dahlia had hoped would happen. After that, Jackson transported his body to the safe home, where he instantly accused Klaus of killing Aiden in retaliation for Aiden’s earlier exposure of Klaus’s scheme. Aiden had revealed Jackson’s plan earlier.

Why did they decide to terminate Aiden’s storyline on The Originals?

Our poor beating hearts! And here’s the most important part: Dahlia (Claudia Black) killed Aiden and then framed Klaus (Joseph Morgan) for the murder. She did this because she was aware that this would pit Mikaelson against Mikaelson, which would weaken their link and reduce the threat that they posed to her.

Who murders Aiden on revenge?

7 Deserved Better: Adonai Mathis Aiden

Emily felt the greatest amount of anguish over the fact that Aiden’s death was caused by Victoria’s actions. The experience reawakened her need for vengeance because she knew that she would never be able to find peace until she exacted her vengeance on Victoria for her friend’s murder.

Episode 19 of Season 2 of The Originals: Dahlia Murders Aiden, Joshua Breaks Out in Tears

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Do Josh and Aiden continue their relationship?

The Fifth Season

Josh discovers that Aiden has been waiting for him in the afterlife after he has passed away. Aiden, who is thrilled that they will finally be together, says that he has been thinking about Josh a lot. Following this, the pair travels to the afterlife in order to spend the remainder of eternity with there.

In the originals, how did Aiden end up losing his life?

The series of deaths involving The Originals continues. After the tragic deaths of both of the Mikaelson parents, Aiden (Colin Woodell) was murdered by Dahlia (Claudia Black) on Monday’s episode. Dahlia made it appear as though Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had betrayed his own spy by killing Aiden, therefore it was assumed that Klaus had betrayed Aiden.

What age is Kaleb, the character from the originals?

Kaleb was a young man who stood tall and had an athletic physique. He had brown hair that was curly and blue eyes. The show never revealed his age, but judging by his appearance, he must be in his late teens or early twenties at the very least.

Does Freya die?

Freya’s frustration builds to the point where she unleashes all of her strength on Dominic, which causes him to be thrown outside of the boundary sticks protecting him. Dominic seizes his opportunity and ends Freya’s life. HE KILLS HER.

Does Dahlia Get hope?

Dahlia was able to finally obtain Hope, who had been abandoned by her step-grandmother Mary when Mary was turned into wolf form… Dahlia was able to do this because the wolves are currently unable to defend themselves. In the episode “Ashes to Ashes,” Dahlia connected herself to Klaus while Hope saw them from her vantage point in the passenger seat of the automobile.

Why does the dagger not seem to be effective on Klaus?

The silver daggers, on the other hand, did not have the desired effect on Klaus because of his latent werewolf nature and the fact that the daggers were composed of silver…. Because maintaining the daggers in their hearts rendered them inert, Klaus brought his siblings who had been daggered along with him everywhere he went and let them sleep in coffins until he felt ready to reawaken them.

Who killed Dahlia?

Esther continues to suffocate Dahlia and sends a signal to Elijah, who redirects the knife that was meant for Dahlia to Klaus, who is recovering from his wounds. Klaus stabs Esther and then pushes the blade through her into Dahlia, causing Dahlia to bleed to death from her sister’s wounds.

Is Aiden Jodies’ sibling in any way?

It turns out that Aiden was Jodie’s stillborn twin brother all along. This is revealed as the plot develops. Jodie emerged from her mother’s womb unharmed, however her brother was unable to breathe after becoming entangled in the umbilical cord. Instead of departing this world, his soul joined with Jodie’s and remained in that state, developing as if it were housed in a corporeal body the entire time.

Are Aiden and Jackson related in any way?

Within the pack, Aiden fills the same function that had belonged to Oliver. The two have known each other since they were children because they were members of the same pack in the Bayou. to Jackson for the first time when he was seventeen years old. The two became more like brothers to one another as a direct result of one of them being honest with the other.

In the originals, who is it that ends Jackson’s life?

Shortly after her and Jackson’s kidnapping, Hayley was made to watch as Tristan de Martel subjected Jackson to torture and then put him to death. Tragically, Jackson was a victim of Tristan’s plan to exact revenge on the Mikaelson family. Tristan was responsible for his death. When he passed away, Jackson made it quite plain to Hayley that he would support her through anything life threw at her.

How did it happen that Kaleb turned into a vampire?

Other from the fact that Kaleb is originally from Georgia, almost little else is known about his background. He put himself in a position where a vampire could take advantage of him, and as a result, he became one himself. This was known to his sister, who provided a lot of support despite her awareness.

Does Kol detest Klaus?

They are two members of the family known as The Original Vampires who are each other’s half-brothers. Both Kol and Klaus are known to lose their cool quickly. It is common knowledge that Klaus has stabbed Kol on a number of occasions over the course of the centuries. In spite of this, Kol has forgiven Klaus for stabbing him and his siblings, and the two of them now have a strong friendship with one another.

Is Kol some kind of witch?


Kol delighted in his role as a witch and was considered something of a genius when it came to magic. In fact, out of all of his siblings, he was one of the only ones to actually tap into his power, with the exception of his oldest sister Freya. When Kol was brought back from the other side to possess Kaleb, he underwent the transformation into a witch.

Is Dahlia ultimately unsuccessful?

The previous week, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) came to the conclusion that the witch who was responsible for breaking Dahlia’s heart was not Freya (Riley Voelkel), but rather their mother Esther (Alice Evans). As a result of this discovery, they came to the conclusion that they needed to resurrect their mother’s original witch body and use their mother’s blood as the final ingredient to kill Dahlia.

In the originals, does Josh wind up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

Keahu Kahuanui, who fans of Teen Wolf may recognize as Danny, will make a return appearance on the show as Eddie, Josh’s new boyfriend, and additionally, Josh’s new human boyfriend, according to EW, which confirmed the news. The news of Kahuanui’s casting was initially broken by TVLine, and the website says that she will make her debut in the second episode of season 4.

Do Josh and Davina have a romantic relationship?

Davina and Josh are brought back together in the book “The Brothers That Caring Forgot.”