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Do you hyphenate counterintuitive?

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counterintuitive Include on the list Share. … A helpful hint for writers is to keep in mind that “counterintuitive” is one of those terms that, like “nonetheless” and “secondhand,” is one of those words that used to be regularly hyphenated but is now generally spelled as a single word.

What is the correct usage of the word “counterintuitive” in a sentence?

Contrary to expectations, here’s an example sentence

It may seem paradoxical, especially if you are on a strict budget, but purchasing a new car could save you money in interest payments over the course of its ownership. Quite a few of our discoveries have taken us by surprise and run contrary to our expectations.

Who exactly are these individuals that defy common sense?

Something is said to be counterintuitive if it runs opposite to your preconceived notions of what would be reasonable or if it runs counter to what would be considered common sense. When mistreating someone results in that person like you even more, rather than less, you have an example of something that acts in a manner that is paradoxical. adjective.

What is the original term from which counterintuitive was derived?

also known as counter-intuitive, which means “contrary to intuition” or “opposed to what might be expected,” the phrase dates back to 1955 and is derived from the words counter- and intuitive.

What does it mean if something is counterintuitive?

: contrary to what one would intuitively expect That may sound contradictory, but the cosmos does not have a core, and it also does not have any boundaries.

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Which is correct, counterproductive or counterproductive?

preventing the accomplishment of a desired objective; acting in a manner that works against one’s own interests: It is counterproductive to try to save money while simultaneously living on credit.

Which part of speech is an example of anything counterintuitive?

adjective. contrary to what one’s initial thoughts might lead them to anticipate: The path that we were supposed to take was backwards; rather than heading south first, as one might expect, we should have been heading north.

What steps do I need to take to become counter intuitive?

  1. These Are Some Very Non-Conventional Methods That Would Make You Extremely Happy…
  2. Accept both of your conflicting emotions at the same time…
  3. Maintain a close physical proximity to your joyful buddies….
  4. Discover something new, even if it causes you a lot of stress…
  5. Make an investment in quality counseling….
  6. Put an end to the frantic search for joy and take a break…
  7. Just about everything deserves a firm “no.”

What does not intuitive mean?

: not obvious: examples include. a: not easily acquired knowledge or comprehension Dealing with a user interface that is not obvious leads to errors being made by many programmers.along with Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman. b: not founded on or consistent with intuition nonintuitive findings

What exactly does it mean to be counteractive?

Several explanations of the term “counteractive.” countering, neutralizing, or reducing the severity of the impact of an effect through the use of a opposite activity. Similar words: active. having an effect or making a change or influence on anything.

What do you name someone who consistently acts in an unfair manner?

Irrational, biased, illogical, senseless, preposterous, wrong, stupid, contradictory, absurd, arbitrary, silly, foolish, inconsistent, inconsistent, irrational, unwarranted, undue, excessive, illegitimate, unjust, inordinate, unlawful, inordinate, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful, unlawful,

Which of these words is the opposite of counterintuitive?

counterintuitiveadjective. counter to what one might expect based on using their common sense. Sensible and reasonable are both antonyms.

How can the word “desultory” be used in a straightforward sentence?

An example of a desultory statement
  1. His attendance was spotty, and it does not appear that he has successfully completed the arts class that he was enrolled in…
  2. Following a year or two of uninteresting literary labor, in May of 1839 he was appointed to the Marischal College’s newly-established chair of Humanity (Latin).

What does it mean to use perversely?

1a: deviating from what is right or good; tainted with immorality. b is the erroneous or unsuitable form. c: a verdict that is inconsistent with the evidence or the direction given by the judge on a legal issue perverse verdict. 2a: unyielding in one’s opposition to what is correct, reasonable, or generally recognized as valid: erroneous. b: characterized by or resulting from a stubborn or obstinate attitude or behavior.

What is the punishment for someone who is notorious?

Notorious sentence example. Her life was notorious for the treachery and intrigue that it included. It has a bad reputation as a port due to the illegal trade and smuggling that occurred there.

What does it mean to think contrary to common sense?

When we say that something is counterintuitive, we mean that it is the reverse of what we mean when we say “intuitive.” In other words, it is not something that is easily comprehended in an instinctive or unconscious manner. For instance, a traffic signal that displayed a red light to indicate “go” and a green light to indicate “halt” would be extremely confusing.

What does counter effective mean?

: tending to hinder the attainment of a desired goal violence as a means to achieve an end is counterproductive- W. E. Brock born 1930. Synonyms & Antonyms Additional Sample Sentences Discover more about the concept of being unproductive.

Please explain what you mean by the term “intuition.”

1a: the ability or the faculty of acquiring immediate knowledge or cognition without evident rational reasoning and inference. b: quick understanding or awareness of something. c: knowledge or conviction acquired through one’s intuitive processes.

How would you say that something is not intuitive?

  1. unreasonable.
  2. faulty.
  3. illogical.
  4. implausible.
  5. nonsensical.
  6. absurd.
  7. capricious.
  8. contradictory.

What exactly are inconsistencies?

A scenario or set of concepts that are in direct conflict with one another is known as a contradiction. One example of a paradox is making a public proclamation that one is an environmentalist but at the same time forgetting to take the recycling out to the curb. The expression “contradiction in terminology” is frequently used to refer to a statement that comprises ideas that are in direct opposition to one another.

Is it possible for me to be counterproductive?

When you do something that ends up being counter-productive, you end up with the exact opposite consequence of the one you were hoping to have. In actuality, though, such an attitude is extremely detrimental to progress. It is ineffective to speak in an condescending manner to a person who is being interviewed.

What exactly is meant by the term “counterproductive culture”?

Group norms that are counterproductive are those that prohibit a group, organization, or other collective entities from performing or fulfilling the purpose that was originally specified for them because they operate in the opposite way that was first meant for them to operate.

What’s the difference between doing something inefficiently and acting in a way that goes against your intuition?

If anything is said to be counterproductive, it signifies that it hinders productivity or works against the achievement of whatever objective is being discussed in the given situation. Something is said to be counterintuitive if it contradicts one’s intuition or if it deviates from how one would feel or expect something to be based on a superficial evaluation of the situation.

Does not make sense synonym?

inexplicable Include on the list Share. That that defies explanation cannot be clarified in any way. It doesn’t make sense. You don’t want to spend the most gorgeous day of the year at the beach, do you?