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Do they find the gold in outer banks?

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John B. and Sarah had the Royal Merchant gold in their sights twice at the top of season 2. The first time, they confirmed its presence in the Cameron’s Bahamas vacation residence. Ward had indeed flown every single gold bar to the island and locked it away in a safe on the property.

Do they find the treasure in Outer Banks?

The Pogues found the treasure in season one and it was stolen by Ward who not only got away with the theft but framed John B for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin. … When John B And Sarah get back to OBX, John is arrested for the murder and Ward attempts to have him killed in custody.

Who got the gold in Outer Banks?

Ward Cameron had the gold at the start of ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2. As fans may recall, the Outer Banks Season 1 finale ended with Ward Cameron (played by Charles Esten) having the Royal Merchant gold flown to the Camerons’ beach house in the Bahamas.

What episode do they find the gold Outer Banks?

The Gold is the first episode of the second season of Outer Banks.

Do they find gold in Outer Banks Season 1?

After a season of searching for a treasure worth $400 million, John B. learns that Ward found the gold – and to make matters worse, the gold was the reason he killed John B.’s dad in the first place. Ward arranges to send the treasure to Nassau in the Bahamas, where his family has a house and does business.

The Pogues Finally Find The Gold! – Season 1 | Outer Banks (1080p HD)

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How much does $400 million in gold weigh?

[SPOILERS] $400 million in gold weighs about 22,000 pounds.

Does JB get the gold?

John B. and Sarah had the Royal Merchant gold in their sights twice at the top of season 2. … They were able to get away with the gold but Rafe shooting Sarah threw a giant wrench into their plans. The time it took John B. to get Sarah to a doctor and save her life closed the window on their escape.

Has anyone found the gold from the Royal Merchant?

The Royal Merchant isn’t a real ship, but it’s based on the real-life 17th century shipwrecked Merchant Royal that went missing off the English coast with a vast treasure that was never found. … In the true Merchant Royal’s sinking, the ship was captained by John Limbrey, who ended up surviving the 1641 wreck.

Where is the gold hidden in Outer Banks?

The essential plotline of season two of Outer Banks revolves around John B and Sarah obtaining the gold from Ward which was hidden in Nassau, while the Pogue gang tries to sort matters from within their homeland in the Outer Banks.

Is Outer Banks based on a true story?

The question that often comes up is whether Outer Banks is based on a true story or not. … The story in the series isn’t based on facts, but the creators, twin brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, used their experiences visiting the Outer Banks when they were children to build the story.

Is Sarah dead Outer Banks?

Luckily, no. Sarah Cameron does not die in Outer Banks Season 2 – but she has some very close shaves. In the course of the series, Sarah’s brother attempts to drown her and her father tries to strangle her. After a heated discussion, Rafe tries to drown Sarah to death but Topper comes to the rescue.

Do Sarah and John get back together?

Sarah rejoins the Pogues to help with tracking down the Cross of Santo Domingo for Pope, and although she insists she’s back on board for Pope, Sarah’s feelings for John B are obvious. After a brief hiatus, John B and Sarah get back together and recommit themselves via bandana string.

Do they find out Jon B is innocent?

While JJ put together a terrible plan to break John B out, the other Pogues managed to help show the new sheriff that John B wasn’t guilty. At the same time, Ward Cameron paid to have John B killed in his prison cell, which also led to the truth coming out. It was clear that John B was innocent of all charges.

Who is Scooter Grubbs Outer Banks?

Scooter Grubbs is a character in Season 1 of Outer Banks. He is portrayed by David Ury. Scooter is found dead in the first episode of the series after a storm on the island. He was an experienced fisherman who was very wary of other.

How did Outer Banks season one end?

In a heated confrontation between John B, Sarah Cameron, Ward, and Sheriff Peterkin at the tarmac, the latter ends up getting fatally shot by Ward’s son Rafe. In an effort to cover up his own crimes and protect his son, Ward frames John B for the sheriff’s murder, leading to a wild season one finale.

Who killed the bad guys in Outer Banks?

It’s later pointed out that it was Ward who hired the men and then killed them when they became too close to the gold themselves. His increasing greed has certainly led him down a dark path so who knows what he will end up doing in season 3 to get the Pogues off his tale once and for all.

Is Rose Sarah’s mom?

Right now, Sarah’s main maternal figure is Rose, her stepmother and the naively supportive wife of Ward. As the stepmother of Rafe, Sarah and Wheezie, Rose isn’t particularly doting (and Sarah would agree). She seems more concerned with Ward’s wealth than anything else.

Is taneyhill real?

Tanneyhill Plantation, home of Sarah Cameron and her family, practically drips old Southern wealth. That’s not exactly a surprise, given that, in Outer Banks, it’s the previous home of the fictional Denmark Tanney, a former slave who discovered gold while captaining the Royal Merchant.

Why do they want the key in Outer Banks?

Limbrey is convinced that Pope’s family will have a key in their possession that can unlock the Cross of the Santo Domingo, an incredibly valuable treasure that may hold a supernatural cloth with healing properties.

Will the Royal Merchant ever be found?

The Merchant Royal has never been found, but an anchor thought to be from the ship was discovered by a fishing boat off the Cornish coast in March 2019. … If someone ever finds The Merchant Royal, they’ll have to inform their local coroner’s office due to the UK’s Treasure Act 1996.

What shipwrecks have not been found?

The Most Famous Shipwrecks Still Waiting to Be Discovered
  • The Santa Maria (1492) Alamy. …
  • The Endurance (1915) Alamy. …
  • The HMS Endeavour (1778) Alamy. …
  • Le Griffon (1679) Alamy. …
  • The Merchant Royal (1641) Alamy. …
  • USS Indianapolis (1945) Alamy. …
  • The Wasp (1814) Alamy. …
  • The Flor de la Mar (1511) Alamy.

How much is the cross in Outer Banks worth?

In the second season of the hit Netflix adventure series, the Pogue teens are also seeking the valuable Cross of Santo Domingo. With an estimated value of $400 million and a potential healing cloth locked inside, the aforementioned cross has the ability to alter lives – depending on whose hands it gets in.

What happened to John B Outer Banks?

No, John B isn’t dead in ‘Outer Banks’ season 2. However, he does come close to dying several times. At the start of the second season, everyone in Outer Banks, including their friends and Sarah’s family, thinks they are dead. John and Sarah first contact their friends to let them know that they are alright.

Do they find out that Rafe killed the sheriff?

Here’s the short answer, friends: Nope! Rafe doesn’t get caught, arrested, charged or even publicly shamed for murdering Sheriff Peterkin. The eldest Cameron sibling gets away with murder – literally (and figuratively, too, actually) – in season 2. … Do you think karma will come back to bite Rafe?

What happens to JJ in Outer Banks?

During the Pogues’ attempt to re-take their treasure from a freight ship occupied by the Cameron family, JJ was hit in the head and shoved into the water. Luckily, it was Kie to the rescue, and she was able to save JJ and regroup with the rest of the Pogues to get to safety.