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Did tutto pazzo closed?

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Over three months after it was forced to close because of a cloud of scandal, Huntington’s Tutto Pazzo has reopened, but under a new name, with its interior having been remodeled, and with a single new owner.

What exactly took place, Tutto Pazzo?

HUNTINGTON, NY – Once the proprietor of the Huntington eatery Tutto Pazzo, Luigi Petrone, was overheard making racist comments on a Facebook live clip in June of 2018, the business came under fire… Now, Joey Petrone has reopened the cafe, and this time it has a new appearance and atmosphere, as well as ideally a new reputation.

Who is the proprietor of Tutto Pazzo?

The owner of Tutto Pazzo in Huntington Village, Luigi Petrone, came under fire after posting a video on Monday, June 1, in which he ridiculed and insulted a group of people who were protesting the passing of George Floyd. The video featured members of the group.

What exactly does it mean to say “Tutto Pazzo”?

And at Tutto Pazzo, which translates to “Totally Crazy” in English, you’ll find a lot of “wow, pow, and ciao” packed into every square inch of space.

Who is the proprietor of Il Posto di Joey?

According to Joseph Petrone, who has been a partner in the business for a very long time and is now the sole owner, his brother Luigi Petrone, who was a problematic previous co-owner of Tutto Pazzo, is no longer connected with the company.


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