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Did safin hasan take coaching?

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Did IPS Safin Hasan have any sort of training? The UPSC rank held by Safin Hasan is 570. On the other hand, he attended the Vajiram IAS Academy to improve his skills. It is widely recognized as a prestigious institution across India.

Did Srushti Deshmukh receive any training or instruction?

Srushti spent the most of her time reading academic content on the internet. She did not rely on other resources like training at coaching schools or traveling to Delhi because she had access to the internet, which is a big blessing in and of itself. She devoted six to seven hours per day to independent study. She decided to delete her accounts on every social networking platform so that she could concentrate better.

Do the top UPSC scorers receive coaching?

Yes. There are numerous examples of applicants who passed the IAS exam without receiving any coaching, which means they did not have to spend countless sleepless hours or a large amount of money on attending any coaching institutes. Please read through our interview segment for UPSC toppers.

Is Tina Dabi taking coaching?

She did not enroll in any training program but instead sought advice from her brother, who is currently working with the Indian Railway Traffic Services as part of the 2012 cohort. She eventually participated in the Mains Test Series as well as the Mock Interviews. She attributes her accomplishments to her tenacity and ability to concentrate on a single task at a time.

Is Mr. Akshat Jain a member of the IAS?

Jaipur, Rajasthan native Akshat Jain achieved second place in the 2018 UPSC examinations. Jaipur is the city where he was both born and raised. He began preparing for the UPSC examinations while he was in the ninth grade, and after that, in the year 2018, he was successful in passing the UPSC CSE examination.


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Is srushti Jayant Deshmukh IAS?

An IAS officer named Srushti Jayant Deshmukh has recently become an internet star due to her viral videos. The Union Public Service Commission Test (UPSC 2018 Exam), which is India’s most demanding exam, ranked her fifth overall in the country.

Who holds the record for being India’s youngest IAS officer?

Not only was Swati Meena successful in passing the UPSC examination, but she achieved so at the young age of 22. Swati, who at the time was the youngest IAS officer in her batch, was born in Rajasthan and had her education in Ajmer.

Is it possible to pass the UPSC with just self-study?

In addition, many applicants have the goal of passing the test without having to attend any coaching programs. In retrospect, it appears that this is a realistic possibility given that a significant number of applicants have been successful in passing the UPSC Test by relying solely on their own independent study, adhering to a strict schedule, and devoting sufficient time to the preparation process.

Is Unacademy helpful for the IAS exam?

Utilities of the UNACADEMY IAS COACHING – UNACADEMY is an excellent website for online coaching that is well known, and it enables you to study from the convenience of your own home. This makes it a very useful resource. It has an excellent faculty that is well experienced in the UPSC teaching sector, and its members have excellent communication skills, both of which contribute to improved comprehension.

What kind of degree is ideal for the IAS?

To work for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), you need to have a degree from a reputable educational institution. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about your question: when it comes to choosing a degree program, most aspiring professionals choose to major in the humanities rather than anything else. This is because they find that it assists them a great deal in the exam preparation process. You have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in a variety of fields, such as history or political science.

Who has the highest score in the history of the UPSC exam?

Dr. Apala, who just just achieved an outstanding 9th position in her UPSC exam, has now established a new standard for success. She achieved the best possible score in the United States Public Service Commission interview round.

How long does training for the IPS take?

There are four elements to the training offered to the IPS recruits: Foundation Course at LBSNAA in Mussoorie, which lasts for three months. Phase I training takes place at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad. The Basic Course lasts for eleven months. Training in the respective cadre for the District Practical Training that lasts for six months.

Is IPS a decent job?

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS), sometimes known as the Indian Police Service (IPS), is often considered to be one of the most prestigious positions in the world. Candidates for the Indian Police Service (IPS) are required to pass the UPSC civil services test. They have to demonstrate that they are qualified for the position of IPS officer by passing the preliminary examination, the main examination, and the interview.

Which degree would be most beneficial for IPS?

You have to take the UPSC examinations in order to become an IPS, and in order to pass these challenging exams, you should take a course that covers topics that are comparable to those on the UPSC syllabus. BA is one the best degree you may have which will help you for preparing for civil services from your college.

Is the training for IPS difficult?

As a result of the fact that IPS officers are responsible for commanding the civil and armed police forces across all of India’s states and union territories, the training required to become an IPS officer is widely recognized as being among the most active and challenging in our nation. Officers in the IPS develop a profound sense of success and self-actualization throughout their training.

What is IAS salary?

According to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, the starting salary for an IAS officer is Rs 56,100. These officers also get a number of allowances, such as a travel allowance and a dearness allowance, in addition to their base pay. According to the available data, the total monthly compensation for an IAS official comes to more than one lakh rupees when the base salary and other allowances are taken into account.

Is it true that Akshat Jain is an Iititian?

Akshat Jain, a graduate of IIT who is only 23 years old, took the UPSC Civil Services test in 2018 and finished in second place… Akshat, a native of Jaipur, received his bachelor’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati in 2017.

If I don’t pass the UPSC interview, what are my options?

(News) Didn’t pass the interview for the UPSC CSE?: There is a possibility that you will be given another chance to compete for high-level government employment. Aspirants to the UPSC who have already qualified for the UPSC Personality Test will be pleased to hear the following information. Even if you don’t make it onto the final list, there’s a chance you could still land a high-level position in the government.