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Did l and s break up?

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Are Landon and Shyla Still Together? No, Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker are not together anymore. On February 10, 2021, a video was uploaded to the ‘This is L&S’ channel, where Landon explained that Shyla wanted to take a break from the channel and would not be appearing in videos for some time.

Why did Landon and Shyla split 2021?

Earlier this year, Shyla Walker accused Landon McBroom of alleged domestic violence and abuse. She later issued a restraining order against the latter after he allegedly attempted to kidnap their daughter.

What happened with the ACE family 2021?

ACE Family house drama explained: Austin McBroom under fire as alleged foreclosure, eviction, and lawsuits loom large. … Austin McBroom has also come under fire for failing to pay employees from the Social Gloves event. YouTuber Tana Mongeau has incessantly attacked Austin on Twitter for failing to pay employees.

Who is Joe to Shyla Landon?

Joe, whose name is Joseph Casimiro, is a videographer and film director. He became known for creating content for Landon and Shyla’s old channel, This is L&S, and The Ace Family. In a previous interview, Joe revealed that he hails from Santa Paula, CA and comes from a Hispanic household.

Who is Joe Casimiro?

My name is Joseph Casimiro; I am a freelance videographer based in Los Angeles. I am mainly known for working with the most influential influencers in the internet such as This is L&S & The ACE Family. One of the main things I would say I am proud of is how much I have grown as a person.

Landon McBroom Accused of ‘Physically & Mentally Hurting’ Shyla During Breakup

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Who is Landon McBroom parents?

Landon and Austin’s parents are Allen and Michole McBroom, who are now divorced. Allen has since remarried Erica McBroom, and he’s made several appearances on Austin’s YouTube channel The ACE Family.

Why is the Ace family Cancelled?

Popular YouTube family channel ‘the ACE Family’ is coming under fire after a video surfaced that showed patriarch Austin McBroom spanking his four-year-old daughter while making inappropriate comments.

Why did the Ace family break up?

Amen. The ACE Family’s mansion was also hit with a foreclosure notice that both Austin and Catherine denied. The eviction notice must also have strained their relationship, causing the latter to separate from the ACE Family channel she shares with her husband.

What’s wrong with Landon McBroom?

According to the documents, Landon had shoved Shyla “causing a laceration and visible injury to [her] finger.”

Who is Allen McBroom married to?

Austin McBroom’s parents are Michole and Allen McBroom. The two are now divorced, and Allen is married to his second wife, Erica McBroom.

Is the ACE family losing their house?

The ACE Family lost ownership of their $10 million mansion and could face eviction. … Videos on their ACE Family channel often take place in the Los Angeles megamansion. The property was returned to its lenders after a foreclosure sale failed to attract buyers.

What is the scandal with the ACE family?

ACE family reportedly facing two more lawsuits amid house “eviction” scandal. After the alleged paperwork detailing the ACE Family’s eviction surfaced online, more alleged lawsuits have come forward regarding the YouTube family.

How are the Ace family related to L&S?

Landon McBroom is the brother of famous YouTuber, Austin McBroom. Landon McBroom has a YouTube channel, THIS IS L&S, that he updates regularly along with his girlfriend, Shyla Walker. The couple met in 2016 via Twitter and recently had a baby together, Souline.

Is Julianna Astrid related to Austin McBroom?

Austin McBroom on Twitter: “Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin @Juliannastrid I love you !”

What are the allegations against the ACE family?

YouTuber Catherine McBroom of the ACE Family ‘attempted’ a ‘coup’ of a company, legal complaint says. A civil lawsuit alleges that Catherine McBroom tried to stage a “coup” on a cosmetics company. The complaint demands a jury trial and claims McBroom tried to dissolve the company.

What did Austin do from the ACE family?

Austin McBroom is rumored to have cheated on wife Catherine Paiz. McBroom, who has engaged in his share of trash talking in the run-up to the fight, found karma knocking recently when Jake Paul accused him of cheating on his wife.

What happened with Michael B Jordan and Catherine Paiz?

The ACE family matriarch, Catherine Paiz, was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Jordan in 2014 after the two were photographed hanging out together at the beach. They quickly became a fan favorite across America. As speculation began to arise, neither Paiz nor Jordan confirmed or denied the rumors.

Where does the ACE family live now?

The ACE Family merged two houses to make their home

More specifically, the house is in the heart of Encino, California, on a hilltop in Woodland Hills, according to Youtuberfacts.

How much did the Ace family house cost?

The house they are currently living in used to be two different homes that were merged together to form a bigger space. While Austin and Catherine only gave a tour of their home in an hour-long-video, YouTuber Facts later reported that the Ace Family house costs of whopping $10 million!

What does Austin’s dad do for a living?

His father, Michale McBroom, is divorced with his mother and is married to his second wife. He works as an operations director at a non-profit camp for kids with serious health disorders.

What does michole McBroom do for a living?

Michole Kemp McBroom – CFO/Owner – The Camp TC LLC | LinkedIn.