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Did jake paul call out ben askren?

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During the first round of their fake-celebrity battle, Paul scored a knockout victory against Ben Askren, a former fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Some people on social media have stated that Paul needs to increase the level of his opponent, such as a fighter who is still in his professional prime — or at the the least, still a pro athlete — despite the fact that his boxing career is still in its infancy.

Who was it that Jake Paul challenged?

Tim Tebow has been challenged to a boxing battle by Jake Paul. A fellow YouTuber named AnEsonGib, a former NBA player named Nate Robinson, and two mixed martial arts fighters named Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley have all been knocked out by Jake Paul in their respective boxing bouts.

Who was it that Jake Paul challenged following Ben Askren?

After Ben Askren was knocked out, numerous other UFC fighters turned their attention to Jake Paul, including Tyron Woodley, BJ Penn, and Dillon Danis.

How did Jake Paul knock out Ben Askren?

Ben Askren, a popular figure on YouTube, was knocked out in the first round of their cruiserweight fight at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Saturday night during the pay-per-view event. Paul knocked down Askren with a straight right punch to the head.

How quickly did Jake Paul finish Ben Askren off with the knockout blow?

On Saturday night, Jake Paul defeated Ben Askren via knockout in under two minutes, earning him his third victory in professional boxing competition.

Jake Paul Calls Out Ben Askren After Knocking Down Nate Robinson!

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Was Askren vs Paul fixed?

Following the devastating knockout in the first round, both fans of mixed martial arts and UFC athletes have questioned the outcome of the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. After defeating Askren, who was 36 years old, Paul, who is only 24 years old, was able to score the third professional victory of his young boxing career… Askren seemed fixed.

What time is Ben Askren vs Jake Paul?

On Saturday, April 17, at approximately 9 p.m. Eastern Time, the entirety of the Jake Paul and Ben Askren event is scheduled to take place.

Who came out on top, Jake or Ben?

As a result of knocking out Ben Askren in the first round of their bout, Jake Paul improved his record to 3-0 as a professional boxer. Jake Paul made quick work of his opponent. The former UFC fighter was knocked out cold with a right hand by the YouTube personality within the first two minutes of the bout, which led to the YouTuber’s decisive triumph.

Is there anyone still conscious after Jake Paul’s punches?

At the main event of the Triller Fight Club celebrity boxing event that took place on Saturday night, YouTube sensation Jake Paul defeated UFC veteran Ben Askren via knockout in the first round of their main event matchup.

Who prevailed in the duel between Jake Paul and Askren?

Ben Askren results: Askren is knocked out in the first round by Paul’s crushing blow. Jake Paul, a social media celebrity, advanced his boxing career on Saturday night by knocking out former mixed martial arts world champion Ben Askren in the first round of their cruiserweight fight, which was to be broadcast live on a pay-per-view event put on by Triller Fight Club. The bout was scheduled to last for eight rounds.

Who was it that Jake Paul called in the year 2021?

Jake Paul claims that Tommy Fury has been avoiding him at every turn and that he has promised the boxer the highest paycheck of his life; however, TNT has not yet agreed to sign a contract for the fight. On Tuesday, Jake posted on Twitter that Tommy “Fury” had turned down two bountiful offers from his organization.

Are Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley friends?

Ben Askren, who won the welterweight titles in both Bellator and ONE, was recently asked about his opinion on the massive boxing event that took place on Sunday night between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. Askren is conversant with both of these gentlemen. He put in a lot of work with Woodley over the years and continues to consider the former UFC welterweight champion a friend.

What are some of Jake Paul’s thoughts on Jorge Masvidal?

According to Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Paul said the following about a fight versus Masvidal: “I would want nothing more.” “This should be a decent test of my ability, right?” With his hands, he’s the ‘Gamebred’ version of a street fighter.

Who is the woman who Jake Paul calls his girlfriend?

Erika Costell? (@erikacostell) • Instagram images and videos.

Are Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul friendly with one another?

It would appear that the bond that once existed between social media phenomenon Jake Paul and UFC great Jorge Masvidal has come to an end. Earlier this year, in the days leading up to “The Trouble Child’s” boxing battle with Ben Askren, the two appeared to have formed a bond, as evidenced by Masvidal’s video chat to Paul when the latter was participating in a press conference.

Did Jake Paul lose to Ben?

According to reports, Ben Askren was awarded 0,000 for his loss against Jake Paul in the first round via knockout. You may have whatever opinion you want about his performance, and you can believe what the fight may or may not signify for his legacy, but you can’t help but think that Funky takes a lot of comfort in the money he made.

Who did Jake Paul defeat in the boxing match yesterday?

Paul, who is 24 years old and a social media influencer and celebrity on YouTube, won a split decision to extend his record to 4-0 as a professional fighter. His most challenging opponent to date was Tyron Woodley, a former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The catchweight fight, which took place at 190 pounds and was planned for eight rounds, was the main event at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Paul’s hometown.

Who came out on top in the battle between Mayweather and Jake Paul?

As soon as the larger Paul understood that he wouldn’t be able to grab that target, he made the decision to tie up Mayweather as part of a strategy to stay standing for the entire eight rounds of the fight. That was a moral triumph for Paul, who is only 26 years old. He will go home richer and will be able to say that he went the distance with an unbeaten living legend.

How much money did Ben Askren be paid?

How much will Ben Askren earn vs. Jake Paul? According to MMA Fighting, Ben Askren will earn a payday of 0,000 for his upcoming bout against Jake Paul. It is possible that Askren’s deal contains bonuses in addition to the base income; nevertheless, even if it does not, a payout of half a million dollars is not a terrible sum for a person who was previously retired.

How much money does Jake Paul have in the bank?

According to Celebrity Net Worth as of right now, Jake Paul has a net worth of twenty million dollars in the United States. Because of his YouTube channel, which has more than 20 million subscribers, he has been able to build up this enormous amount of money from sponsorship deals as well as his marketing and product businesses.

Where can I find Jake Paul versus Ben to watch it?

The bout between Jake Paul and Ben Askren will be shown live on Triller, which can be accessed on a variety of devices, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and even smart TVs. The battle will be viewable on Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices by using the FITE app.

How much does Jake Paul stand to make from this match?

According to estimations provided by the website Sports Free, Paul will receive a minimum of one million dollars, which he will then be able to increase thanks to his portion of the pay-per-view earnings. According to the website, Woodley will get one-half of that amount, or 0,000, for the fight itself, and then will see that amount increase to million after pay-per-view revenue is included in.

Why did Red cease Askren fight?

Despite the fact that Askren appeared to be aware after going to his feet for the standing eight count, the referee decided to stop the fight out of worry that he could no longer continue. “It’s definitely justified considering Jake Paul knocked me out,” said the defeated competitor. Askren responded to the criticism of his loss by stating that it was “fucking embarrassing.”