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Did heavy haulage australia go broke?

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As a result of the inability to find a buyer for the defunct firm, the well-known haulage company Heavy Haulage Australia will be liquidated, and this will result in the loss of employment for more than seventy individuals…. More than 50 tractor-trailer combinations, 120 haulage trailers, 15 cranes, and 40 pilot and light commercial vehicles are included in the company’s assets.

What became of the Australian heavy haulage company Jon Kelly Heavy Haulage?

The Heavy Haulage company went out of business in 2015 as a result of a string of unfortunate events and ultimately went into insolvency. Although Jon has not publicly commented on the matter, it has been suggested, based on court documents and rumors, that the transportation company was involved in a fraudulent trucking transaction that caused Jon to owe the government million.

What is the market value of heavy haulage in Australia?

Jon had stated that Heavy Haulage Australia was worth more over million, but when they later attempted to sell the company, they discovered something entirely different about its value. It was discovered that not only were they having trouble locating purchasers willing to pay exorbitant prices, but the majority of the items had to be sold via auction.

Who exactly is the proprietor of Heavy Haulage Australia?

When the boom in the mining industry begins to level off, HUGE truck baron Jon Kelly is putting his million belief into the energy and infrastructure business. He is the owner and operator of Heavy Haulage Australia, which is located in Brisbane and operates the kinds of trucks that carry big equipment and require an escort by the police.

Is the HHA still operational?

The HHA will soon be discontinued. Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA) is going to be split up because no one has shown interest in purchasing the entire company as a going concern.

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What led to the failure of heavy haulage Australia?

The administrators of Heavy Haulage Australia, which was featured on the television show MegaTruckers and was a sponsor of the V8 racing series, have disclosed a crucial reason why the company failed. Administrators have ruled that the failure of transport company Heavy Haulage Australia, which was featured in the television series MegaTruckers, to appropriately cost tasks it worked on contributed in part to the company’s inability to avoid bankruptcy.

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