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Did ellie kill riley?

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Once they were both bitten, Ellie and Riley went their separate ways, and we were never shown how Riley passed away as a result. It’s possible that she ended her life by hanging herself or became a Runner. We have no other information than the fact that they were “going to lose their heads together.” We are positive that Ellie did not undergo the same transformation as Riley experienced, which led to Riley’s demise.

How did Riley die?

She was stopped when one of the smugglers grabbed her by the hood of her coat. Ellie killed the man by striking him in the head with a brick, which gave Riley the opportunity to seize the gun, aim for the man’s shoulder, and shot him to death.

Will Riley appear in the sequel to The Last of Us?

In “The Last of Us: Left Behind,” Riley was Ellie’s closest friend and a potential romantic interest…. Even if there is little chance that Riley will appear in The Last of Us Part II, it might be an fascinating method to further develop Ellie’s character to have her experience flashbacks about Riley or even remember more specifics about the nuances of their friendship.

At the conclusion of The Last of Us 2, Ellie’s age is never revealed.

In the second installment of “The Last of Us,” how old are Joel and Ellie now? Ellie has reached the age of 19 when the latest release from Naughty Dog begins its story five years after the original game.

Was Ellie’s mother afflicted with the virus?

Due to the fact that Ellie’s mother was a member of the Fireflies, there were a number of activities that may have resulted in her passing that did not involve her becoming infected with the virus. These activities included: And to tell you the truth, the game makes it clear that they had to perform postmortem surgery on Ellie since the sickness that was already present in her body had mutated.

THE LAST OF US 2 – Ellie Kills Abby’s Puppy, Boyfriend and Pregnant Friend

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Does Abby realize that Ellie can withstand infections?

During the scenario in which Joel passes away, Abby makes the inexplicable (or at the very least, implausible) decision to keep Ellie alive. It stands to reason that Abby is aware that Ellie is immune to the virus, and despite the fact that she is dead set on eliminating Joel, she is also aware that Ellie must continue to live in order to provide mankind with any chance of survival.

Who are Ellie’s actual parents, if anyone knows?

It’s Ellie’s mum, Anna. In spite of the fact that Ellie’s mother was not present in The Last of Us, her influence can be felt across the entire story. Anna passed away shortly after giving birth to Ellie, but before she did so, she wrote a letter for her daughter to keep as a memento of her.

Is Joel Ellie’s dad?

When you take into account the fact that Joel is not actually Ellie’s biological father, the unconditional love that Ellie possesses for Joel becomes even more peculiar. He was a smuggler who had been contracted to bring her as a cargo, and it wasn’t until much later in their journey together that he reluctantly started acting like a father to her… Even when Daddy has passed away, she must remain, first and foremost, and alone, Joel’s daughter.

Why did Ellie let Abby go?

Abigail shot and killed Joel because she blamed him for the death of her father. Who else would be murdered if Ellie were to carry through her plan to kill Abby? She came to the realization that if she continued to contribute to the cycle, it would never come to an stop; therefore, allowing Abby to go was a sign of her finally letting go of the situation.

Is Ellie a nasty guy?

In spite of the fact that she started out as an anti-hero, she evolves into a more sinister character throughout the course of the sequel. In this installment, she is consumed by her desire for vengeance and resorts to extreme methods of violence against those who have wronged her. As a result, she is responsible for the death of an innocent pregnant woman and threatens to kill an innocent child.

Who was Ellie’s girlfriend and what became of her?

Dina and Ellie are the ones who discover Leah’s body. Dina and Ellie are on a journey to avenge the death of Joel, and Dina discloses to Ellie that she is pregnant with Jesse’s kid halfway through the mission. This puts a strain on their relationship. As such, Dina stays behind with Jesse guarding her in the theater, leaving Ellie alone on her campaign.

What became of Riley when she was abandoned?

Once they were both bitten, Ellie and Riley went their separate ways, and we were never shown how Riley passed away as a result. It’s possible that she ended her life by hanging herself or became a Runner. We have no other information than the fact that they were “going to lose their heads together.” We are positive that Ellie did not undergo the same transformation as Riley experienced, which led to Riley’s demise.

Is Tess dating Joel?

Tess considered Joel to be her best friend, as well as her partner in crime and confidante. Even though it was never established for certain that Joel and Tess had a romantic relationship or that they ever advanced their friendship to a more personal level than just a business partnership, it is clear that there was a level of closeness between the two of them that went beyond just friendship.

Is it too late to save Riley in the midnight mass?

What Exactly Occurred At the Midnight Mass with Riley? Riley catches onto Father Paul’s darker nature when the priest lies to him about where Joe Collie (Robert Longstreet) is when he doesn’t show up for their AA meeting, saying he’d left the island to visit his sister, despite her being deceased.

Does anyone know how Riley Gale died?

The Texas thrash metal band Power Trip lost its frontman, Riley Gale, who was 34 years old when he passed away in August of last year. According to the most recent article in Rolling Stone, Gale died as a result of the fentanyl overdose. RS was informed by the office of the Dallas County Medical Examiner that the cause of death had been confirmed, and that the manner of death was determined to be accidental.

Why did Lucas and Riley break up?

In the episode titled “Girl Meets First Date,” both Lucas and Riley had their first date and their first kiss for the first time. It is revealed that they did date one another in Girl Meets the New World; however, the fact that they did so was owing to pressure from their peers, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

Why does Abby detest Joel?

Jerry, who is also Abby’s father, served as the leader of the group of doctors who worked together. Abby had given her father her personal reassurance that what he is doing is just and that if she were in Ellie’s place, she would gladly sacrifice her life for the cause…. This is the primary reason why Abby despises Joel, and it is also the reason why she took her father’s life in order to get revenge on him.

Does Abby forgive Ellie?

Ellie and Abby each come to realize the power of forgiveness and letting go of the past. Abby does not forgive Owen for making Mel pregnant, and Ellie does not forgive Joel or the man who brought her “bigot sandwiches.” Towards the conclusion of the narrative, they both develop as characters and are able to forgive one another.

Is Tommy the lone survivor of us two?

Someone else has succeeded in killing Tommy, despite the fact that it was obvious from the beginning that Naughty Dog did not intend for anyone to actually be able to accomplish this goal. Tommy is one of the characters who really manages to survive the events that take place in The Last of Us Part 2, as is known to everyone who has played through the entirety of the game.

Is Joel Miller a nefarious character?

In spite of the fact that Joel is one of the primary protagonists of the game (and is willing to keep Ellie safe), he still possesses many characteristics that are more typical of a villain, such as his capacity for selfishness as well as his willingness to engage in extreme violence and brutal murder in order to ensure his own survival.

Does Joel Love Ellie?

At the conclusion of the first game, Joel’s love for Ellie has grown to the point where he is willing to essentially let the world burn in order to save her life. He does this by removing Ellie from the Fireflies’ hospital, which is where they had hoped to develop a vaccine that could cure the Cordyceps fungal virus and save the lives of millions of people.

Who killed Joel?

Abby’s murder of Joel was one of The Last of Us: Part 2’s earliest and most horrifying events. It also occurred rather early in the game. There was a good chance that many participants were hoping either for Tommy or Ellie to escape the hold the former Fireflies had on them and spare Joel’s life, or that Joel would triumph and win the edge.

Who is Ellie’s biological father, exactly?

MANILA – Actor Jake Ejercito has stated publicly for the very first time that he is really Ellie’s biological father. Ellie Eigenmann is the daughter of actress Andi Eigenmann.

What could be causing Ellie’s hand to shake?

It is possible, while playing the game, for players to observe Ellie’s right hand shaking ever-so-slightly. Because of everything that Ellie has been through, it is understandable that she lives with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which includes this typical symptom. Because this particular aspect of the game does not really have any bearing on how it is played, players do not need to be concerned about their chances of failing as a result of it.

Does Ellie know Joel did?

In the beginning, it appears as though Ellie accepts this story as “the truth;” but, the closing scene of The Last of Us hints that Ellie is actually permitting Joel to lie to her rather than accepting the story as “the reality.” Ellie returns to St. Mary’s Hospital many years later in the second installment of The Last of Us, when she discovers a recording that sheds light on the events that transpired there.