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Did dedue die fire emblem?

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In the end, Dedue gives his life as a sacrifice during his escape attempt, and he is presumed to have died. This will be the outcome for Dedue if his dialogue during the Academy Phase was interrupted in any way or if he was defeated while he was participating in the Academy Phase.

Does Dedue perish in azure moon?

On the Azure Moon path, court mage Cornelia frames Dimitri for the murder of the regent, Rufus; Dedue sacrifices himself to assist Dimitri escape, and as a result, he is considered dead after the events that take place.

Was Byleth already dead at birth?

The woman matured without displaying any symptoms that the goddess inhabited her, and she finally fell in love with Jeralt, who at the time had Rhea’s blood transfused into him. During this time, Jeralt had no idea that the woman was occupied by the goddess. The woman became pregnant with Byleth as a result of their union; however, At the time of the birth, Byleth was stillborn, and their mother was on the edge of passing away as well.

Does Dimitri die Fe?

After that, word reaches the Garreg Mach Monastery that Dimitri has passed away after the Imperial Army was routed by his forces as they were routing them at the Battle of Gronder Field.

In crimson flower, does Dimitri end up dying?

Flower in Blood-Red

At the Tailtean Plains, Dimitri personally intercepts Edelgard and her elite soldiers; nevertheless, he is ultimately unsuccessful in the fight and is killed. If Dedue changed into a beast while the battle was going on, Edelgard will personally carry out Dimitri’s execution, and he will blame her for the Tragedy of Duscur until the very end of his life.

After leaving Tailtean Plains, Dedue and Dimitri had a conversation about Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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What happened that caused Dimitri to lose his eye?

User Info: Celica. In his fury over the loss of his waifu, he tore it to shreds.

Does Dedue die in Blue Lions?

In the end, Dedue gives his life as a sacrifice during his escape attempt, and he is presumed to have died. This will be the outcome for Dedue if his dialogue during the Academy Phase was interrupted in any way or if he was defeated while he was participating in the Academy Phase.

Can you spare Claude?

The Imperial soldiers engage Claude in combat, and emerge triumphant; Nader is driven away, Derdriu is brought under Imperial authority, and it is up to the player to decide whether or not to spare or kill Claude.

What will become of Claude in the land of silver snow?

Claude lays siege to Shambhala and manages to slay Thales, the commander of those who slither in the dark, but not before Thales succeeds in resurrecting the long-dead Liberation King Nemesis… In every possible branch of the plot that does not end with Claude’s demise, his ultimate destiny is to go back to Almyra and ascend to the throne as the king of that kingdom.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is it possible to get married to Dimitri?

Players of the Black Eagles faction are the only ones who can romance Edelgard; players of the Blue Lions faction are the only ones who can romance Dimitri; and players of the Golden Deer faction are the only ones who can romance Claude. (And if you’re looking for some guidance on which one to pick, check out our guide on determining which of the three houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the best fit for you.)

Who is Rhea’s sitri, exactly?

In point of fact, Sitri was the twelfth vessel that Rhea fashioned in order to serve as a host for the Crest of Flames Crest Stone. This was done with the intention of reanimating Sothis, Rhea’s own mother. Sitri, much like her ancestors before her, was unable to reawaken the power of the crest stone, which contributed to the fragility of her health.

Is it possible for Byleth to transform into a dragon?

Byleth undergoes the transformation into a dragon during one of the evenings in the Wyvern Moon.

Will there be a Byleth Amiibo in the form of a female?

Those who are searching for a female Byleth amiibo might be dismayed to hear that there are currently no plans to produce one. In October, at a special Nintendo Direct presentation, Masahiro Sakurai announced that there will not be a female Byleth amiibo, and that the one that can be purchased will depict the male form of the character.

Can you recruit Hilda?

How to get Hilda to join your team. Because Hilda is Claude’s bodyguard, you will not be able to acquire her from the Golden Deer House while you are in the Black Eagles House. If, on the other hand, you are in the Blue Lions House, the restriction appears to be abolished, and Hilda is available for recruitment.

Are you able to secure Hubert’s services?

How to get Hubert to join your team. Because Hubert serves as Edelgard, the head of the Black Eagles, and Hubert is Edelgard’s bodyguard, Hubert will never leave his house under any circumstances. It will not be possible for you to recruit him or even give him gifts if you are chatting to him in your capacity as the teacher of another house.

Did Dimitri perish in silver snow?

After completing the game, it should not come as a surprise to learn that Dimitri suffers a terrible fate in every path other than the one he chooses for himself. In Verdant Wind, they are present throughout the combat in which he is killed, while in Crimson Flower, you are the one who is ultimately responsible for his passing. When you play Silver Winter, you won’t be there when the combat at Gronder Field takes place.

Is Nader Claudes dad?

The wiki and tvtropes agree that Judith and Nader are his parents, and both sites list them as his parents.

Who is Claude’s retainer, if anyone knows?

Hilda serves as Claude’s retainer.

Who is the owner of the Seiros crest?

Rhea, Jeralt, and Edelgard are the current bearers of the Crest of Seiros.

When a unit uses combat techniques, this crest will occasionally cause the unit’s Mt to increase. This crest has three different weapons that are associated with it: the Aymr, the Sword of Seiros, and the Seiros Shield.

Why does Edelgard have such a terrible phobia of rats?

Edelgard is deathly scared of rats, despite her best efforts to keep this fact a secret. This is because rats remind her of a part of her history that she would rather forget. She is also terrified of the ocean because she is unable to swim.

What’s stopping Hilda from joining the Black Eagles?

It has been shown that she is fairly indolent, and she did not show the same level of dedication to her education as the other retainers. Players were never given any recruitment requirements for Hilda, Hubert, or Dedue at any point during the game. The implication that players drew from this was that they were unable to recruit them outside of their house.

Who in Crimson Flower is not eligible to be recruited?

It is not possible to join the Black Eagles of the Crimson Flower.

What does Ingrid enjoy Fire Emblem?

She enjoys stories of chivalry but is turned off by displays of luxury.

How do I get Dedue Paralogue?

This particular dialogue option can only be accessed through the Blue Lions path since it requires the player to have already recruited Dedue and ensure that he has not been killed in combat previously. As a result, this dialogue option is unique to that path. Byleth provides assistance to Dedue and Dimitri in this chapter so that they can put down a Duscur uprising and prevent the Kingdom Army from defeating the Duscur.