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Could whitebeard beat blackbeard?

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In the manga and anime series One Piece, Blackbeard is a notorious pirate who is also a member of the Yonko of the Sea…. Although though Blackbeard possesses great skills, he is most likely the least powerful of all the present Yonko. In spite of this, he possesses the necessary physical prowess to defeat Whitebeard.

How was it that Whitebeard was able to defeat Blackbeard?

At Marineford, Whitebeard makes it known to the general public that Teech is not his son and that he intends to kill him. After a few moments, he uses his bisento to bring him to the ground and then chops him down with it. After that, he takes advantage of his tremor talent to defeat him.

Is there any way to win against Blackbeard?

After his defeat, he made contact with the Blackbeard Pirates and became a member of their crew. Because of Aokiji’s involvement with the Blackbeard Pirates, they are currently at an even higher level of power than they were in the past. Aokiji possesses a extremely potent Devil Fruit. Because Blackbeard is a Yonko, there are only a select few characters who are able to successfully take him down at this moment.

What kept Whitebeard from ending Blackbeard’s life?

Whitebeard, he mentioned that he was going to kill BB to revenge Thatch, but why not just take your bisento, once he’s pinned to the ground, and cut off his head instead of doing the quake bubble? No matter how much endurance he has, he is going to die sooner or later.

Is it possible for Big Mama to defeat Blackbeard?

Blackbeard was successful in his attempt to beat and capture Ace, which ultimately resulted in a conflict between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Navy… In the current state of affairs, he is Big Mom’s equal, and if given sufficient time, Blackbeard will easily be able to replace her.

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Why does Big Mom have such a deep-seated fear of Shanks?

TL;DR Big Mama is terrified of Shanks due to the fact that he is significantly more powerful than she is.

Who of the Yonkos is the most feeble?

The Yonko with the fewest strengths is Shanks.

Who else can compete with Shanks?

In this post, we will talk about five characters who are not capable of defeating Shanks, as well as five characters who are capable of doing so.
  • The answer is no, monkey D.
  • Can number four: Monkey D….
  • 5 Can’t: Kozuki Oden. …
  • Can: Marshall D…. 6 Can:
  • 7 Can’t: Charlotte Katakuri. …
  • 8 Can: Gol D. …
  • 9 Can’t: Kizaru. …
  • Whitebeard earns the 10 Can. Shanks and Whitebeard both belonged to the Yonko race…

Why didnt Blackbeard kill Luffy?

As a side aside, Blackbeard has never gone for Luffy because of his personal feelings toward him. As he was promoted to the position of Warlord, he no longer had any regard for Luffy and abandoned his plan to eliminate him in order to establish his own reputation.

How did Blackbeard get 2 Devil fruits?

How did Blackbeard come into possession of the second devil fruit? … Blackbeard, after Whitebeard’s passing, was responsible for the growth of the Gura Gura no Mi, which he then ate after it had matured. According to Marco, the reason he did not explode is because he has an “atypical body.”

Who is the more powerful, Blackbeard or Akainu?

3 Stronger than Blackbeard, according to the Akainu.

Although Blackbeard had to execute a stealth attack on Whitebeard in order to finally kill him, Akainu was the one who dealt the most damage to the elderly man during the fight. At this point in the episode, Akainu represents the most plausible and significant danger that could arise from the events that have transpired so far in the series.

Who could possibly defeat Mihawk?

The Ten Strongest Swordsmen in One Piece Who Are Capable of Challenging Mihawk, Ranked
  • 3 Fujitora.
  • 4 Kin’emon. …
  • 5 Denjiro. …
  • 6 Vista. …
  • 7 Shiryu. …
  • 8 Charlotte Cracker. …
  • 9 Trafalgar Law. …
  • 10 Roronoa Zoro. Zoro, the pirate who serves as the swordsman for the Straw Hat Pirates, has a bounty of 320 million berries and is considered to be a powerful…

What if Ace was victorious over Blackbeard?

If Ace had been victorious over Black Beard on Banaro Island, the pirate would have been unconquerable at that point. Because of his reputation as a Shichibukai, the Marines would have been under significant strain, and Ace would have had a much better chance of escaping death during the Marineford incident.

Why was Whitebeard such a feeble creature?

Another thing is that Oda gave the lower level Big Mama pirates a lot of devil fruit skills, whereas the majority of the Whitebeard commanders were pretty much just using standard weapons like guns, rockets, and swords lol. He went into a lot more detail about the BM pirates, but he ignored the most of the WB pirates, which is why they appear to be less capable than the BM pirates.

Who among the Yonko is the most powerful?

Five of the Greatest Yonko Commanders in One Piece
  • Cracker is ranked third worst.
  • 4 Best: Benn Beckman. …
  • Smoothie is number five on the list of the worst….
  • 6 Best: King. …
  • 7 of the Worst: Jack…
  • 8 Best: Queen. …
  • 9 Worst: Snack. …
  • 10 Best: Katakuri. Katakuri is one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mama Pirates and is regarded as one of the most powerful commanders over the entirety of the series.

Is Blackbeard responsible for ace’s death?

At Banaro Island, Blackbeard engaged in combat with Ace and ultimately prevailed. After the combat between them was ended, Teach managed to capture Ace and turn him over to the Marines. Because of this, the Marines were forced to recognise Blackbeard’s strength, and as a result, they promoted him to the rank of Shichibukai.

What are the other two devil fruits that Blackbeard possesses?

Blackbeard, who possesses the ability to utilize the abilities of both the Yami Yami no Mi (right hand) and the Gura Gura no Mi Blackbeard is the first person in history and, to our knowledge, the only person who has ever been able to simultaneously wield the powers of two Devil Fruits.

Who is responsible for Blackbeard’s death in One Piece?

Whitebeard engages in combat with Blackbeard in order to exact revenge for the deaths of his two sons, Ace and Thatch. Whitebeard scores a critical blow with his bisento, and then proceeds to pin Blackbeard down, grab him by the throat, and use his devil fruit to crush him and throw him back, despite Blackbeard’s ability to nullify the properties of the Devil Fruit.

Is mihawk Yonko level?

5 Mihawk. Dracule Mihawk, who is considered to be the most powerful swordsman in the universe of One Piece, is undeniably on par with a Yonko in terms of strength…. Although if he is not quite as powerful as the Yonko, it is safe to say that he is at least on level with their most powerful commanders, if not above them.

When will Zoro finally prevail over Mihawk?

Roronoa Zoro is the winner of 9 Can Beat.

He has a very high level of skill in the use of Armament Haki. Zoro has the ambition of achieving the title of “World’s Strongest Swordsman,” but in order to accomplish so, he must first vanquish Dracule Mihawk…. If they were to fight each other once again, Mihawk would still come out on top because Zoro is not yet at that level of competence.

Which weapon is more powerful, a shank or a mihawk?

Because Dracule Mihawk is the most skilled swordsman in the entire universe of One Piece, he is inherently more capable than Shanks in at least one respect…. Although Shanks almost certainly possesses other skills as well, Mihawk appears to have a distinct advantage over him in terms of his overall swordsmanship.

Big Mama or Kaido—who is the stronger fighter?

At this time, Big Mama is without a doubt one of the strongest figures in the world, and it is common knowledge that she is on par with Kaido. The combat between the two parties on Onigashima lasted for more than 12 hours until it was declared a draw in the end. Big Mama, out of all of the characters, has the best chance of defeating Kaido in terms of their respective strengths.

What is the full name of Shanks?

It’s possible that this is a reference to his given name, “Shanks” ( Shankusu. The Haoshoku Haki technique is initially utilized by Shanks, who is the first character in the series to do so.

Who among the Yonkos is the senior member?

By the year 1579 (2020), Shiguma was the Yonko who was the youngest at the age of 49, while Koyuki was the Yonko who was the oldest at the age of 84.