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Capitol Riot: Who Is Ray Epps Queen Creek? Wikipedia – Is He A Fed Agent?


Capitol Riot: Who Is Ray Epps Queen Creek? Wikipedia - Is He A Fed Agent?

Ray Epps is a Federal Agent who has been accused of being a perp. More information on the Federal Agent may be found by continuing to read the article.

Ray Epps is a resident of the city of Queen Creek in the state of Arizona. He is also the proprietor of the Knotty Barn wedding venue, which he owns. More to the point, Ray’s work brought him to Las Vegas.

Similar to this, Epps met the woman who would become his future wife, Robyn, in Las Vegas, when she hired Epps to repair a leaky roof at an apartment complex owned by her company. He came to public attention after being accused with being a Perpetrator of the crime.

Aside from that, in 2011, he served as President of the Arizona Oath Keepers, which is the biggest chapter of the Anti-Government Militia organisation.

Who is Ray Epps, the leader of the Capitol Riot in Queen Creek?

Ray Epps, who has lived in Queen Creek, Arizona, for 60 years, is the owner of the Knotty Barn wedding site. A similar situation exists with Patriot Holdings, LLC, which is listed as an alternate saleable real estate firm and in which Epps is designated as an officer with Robyn.

Furthermore, when the recordings in which Epps informed them that they needed to enter the United States Capitol were repeated before Congress, Ray regained his position of power. Meanwhile, another video shows Epps guiding them toward the historic structure on January 6, according to the footage.

According to reports, as Ray pumped up a crowd on the evening of January 5, the audience responded with a resounding NO! and then chanted, “FED, FED.” However, Epps was unable to keep control of the situation; at least two films were shared on the internet in which he was seen inciting masses to march on the Capitol.

Ray Epps’s Age and Information from Wikipedia

Epps is 60 years old at the time of this writing. His birth information, on the other hand, is still missing from internet sources. In a similar vein, he is a citizen of the United States. At one time, Ray served as President of the Arizona Oath Keepers, which was founded in 2011.

In a way, Epps can be considered a Federal Agent. In 2010, Ray and his business partner relocated back to Queen Creek and purchased a 5-acre farm, which they named Rocking R Farms.

Upon discovering that their farm was suffering due to competition selling grass-fed beef, Epps and his better half, Robyn, decided to transform their farm into a wedding venue, according to the wedding website.

Additionally, as of right now, Ray does not have a page dedicated to his name on Wikipedia. Some of his job history, on the other hand, may be found on the internet through various sources.

Is Ray Epps a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

Ray Epps might be the Federal Agent, as the Feds sheltered him during the very first 1/6 attack on the United States Capitol, according to reports. In a similar vein, his participation in the events at the Capitol was made public immediately after they occurred on January 6.

In a similar vein, he may be seen on film from January 5 and 6 encouraging people to approach the Capitol in a nonviolent manner. Because the conclusion is based primarily on assumption, Ray cannot be confirmed as a Federal Agent.

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