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Can you marry bujold the unworthy?

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Bujold will ask for your help to retake Thirsk, although it is your choice if they deserve it. She wields a Nordic war axe and wears leather armor with matching boots, bracers, and helmet. She is married to the ill-tempered Kuvar, who has a hard time dealing with the shame of being overwhelmed by Rieklings.

What happens if I kill Bujold?

If the Dragonborn calms everyone and approaches Kuvar before Bujold is killed, he will initiate dialogue as if they opted to keep her secret in the barrow. If she dies before the player has the chance to talk to Kuvar, he will initiate dialogue as if she were killed in the barrow, even if she died by his hands.

What happened to Bujold?

The Dragonborn can either agree to keep what happened at the barrow a secret, thus allowing Bujold to remain leader, or refuse, forcing Bujold to have to fight the Dragonborn to keep them from telling the truth to Kuvar and the others, resulting in her death.

Can you marry Hilund in Skyrim?

Her disposition towards you may be set at -3 (Enemy) for no reason, making it impossible to marry her.

Is there a way to get Hrothmund’s AXE?

The axe is part of a miscellaneous quest around the Mead Hall in Thirsk. However, although miscellaneous it is dependent on you reaching a specific point in the main quest. Even then you can’t get the axe, only touch it. The amulet beside it is part of an incidental quest starting in Ald Ruhn.

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