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Can you edit a carrd after publishing?

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You can edit the title and meta tags for your page and add alt text for all images. You can choose what you want your URL to be, or add a custom URL when you’re using the Pro plan. You’re able to make as many edits as you want, even after you publish your site, whether you’re using the free version or the Pro.

How do I edit a published Carrd?

However, they can also be changed at any time by following these steps:
  1. On your Dashboard, click the site’s preview image to open the builder.
  2. Click Publish.
  3. Change Title and/or Description as needed.
  4. Click Publish Changes.
  5. You’re done! The site’s title and description should now be updated.

Can you edit after publishing?

Yes! You can edit your site at any time after publishing and it’ll be done the same way as you were editing it before publishing.

Can you still edit a website after publishing?

You can edit your site at any time, even after you have published it! This allows you to make changes to your site any time you want and then publish the new changes. To re-publish your site, simply make the changes and click Publish again on the top bar.

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