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Can you book a table at nando’s stevenage?

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A small selection of tables are available for bookings, so if you can’t find the table size or time you’re after, you can still visit for Eat-in like normal too. To Eat-in at any other Nando’s, just pop to the restaurant and use our virtual queuing system.

Do I need to book to go to Nandos?

No need to book! We’re operating a virtual queuing system, so just drop by, scan the QR code and we’ll have you seated in no time.

How do you book food at Nandos?

We’re not taking bookings at any of our other restaurants so if you want to join us for Eat-in, just visit your local as usual and use our virtual queuing system. All you need to do is scan the QR code when you arrive and we’ll give you updates along the way.

Do you get 50% off Nandos?

Getting a Nando’s that’s 50% off, that’s what! To celebrate the fact that people are able to reconnect with their elderly relatives thanks to the COVID vaccine, Nando’s has launched a campaign that gives customers 50% off if they take their nan, grandad, great-aunt or anyone over 65 out for some Nando’s chicken.

Do you get free Nandos if you work there?

Free meals for everyone who works in our restaurants when they’re on shift, and a discount of up to 40% when they’re not. (Depending on the day of the week.) PatrĂ£os and Assistant Managers have a 5-day working week and can have one weekend off per month. Also, a clothing allowance to look extra sharp.

Keith Eats Everything At Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken

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Is Nandos in Eat Out Help Out?

The Government Eat Out To Help Out program has now officially ended. We hope you enjoyed your half price PERi-PERi! If you’re still craving Nando’s (who could blame you?), don’t worry we’re still open for Eat-in at most of our restaurants.

Can I book a table at Nandos online?

Sorry, we’re not taking table bookings, but we’ve got a new virtual queuing system in place. All you need to do is scan the QR code when you get to the restaurant and you’ll join the queue and get updates along the way. Find out which of our restaurants are open for Eat-in and start planning your PERi-PERi trip.

Do you have to pay by card at Nandos?

We will only be accepting online and card payments. …

Does Nandos accept NHS discount?

Log in to your Nando’s account (or register for one) and let us know your NHS email address. We’ll need you to access your NHS email in order to verify it. You can apply your 20% discount to one order per day. …

Does Nandos have an app?

Check your Nando’s Card Chillies and rewards balance with our App. Go on, download it now for your dose of PERi-PERi goodness!

Does Nandos do student discount?

Unfortunately Nando’s do not currently have a student discount scheme – they do offer 20% off to emergency service workers though, so some students (nursing students for example) might be able to use their ID to wangle a discount.

Are pubs and restaurants open in UK?

Under current rules: Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants can open indoors and outdoors.

Does McDonald’s do NHS discount?

McDonald’s – 20% NHS Discount on Your Favourite Fast Food.

Does KFC do NHS discount?

No, KFC unfortunately does not offer an NHS staff discount.

Where can I use my blue light card?

Blue Light Card Discounts – Shops that Accept Blue Light Cards
  • Sign Up.
  • NewLook.
  • Schuh.
  • Morrisons.
  • Domino’s.
  • Sky TV.
  • Dunelm.
  • Go Outdoors.

How do you sit in Nandos?

To Eat-in at any other Nando’s, just pop to the restaurant and use our virtual queuing system. All you need to do is scan the QR code when you arrive and we’ll keep you updated on when it’s your time to enjoy PERi-PERi with us. Then it’s time to tuck in and enjoy!

Can you pay with cash at Mcdonald’s?

Our restaurants are accepting cash, it’s just Contactless payment is preferred.

What is a black card for Nandos?

The Nando’s “High Five” card (also known as the black card) is the stuff of chicken-lovers’ legend. The mysterious and rarely seen card from the much-loved peri-peri chicken restaurant is your passport to free chicken for a year for you and four friends.

How long is the Nandos queue?

Average wait time – the time a customer is in the queue before being seated, with customers waiting on average between 6 and 21 minutes.

Can you book tables at Wetherspoons?

Can I book a table or hire an area? All pubs operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Table-bookings are not possible.

Do you have to book a table at Wagamamas?

Wagamama is a flavoursome celebration of Asian food, inspired by Japanese ramen bars. … Wagamama Rushden Lakes also has a collection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food, and a children’s menu for little noodlers. Click here to view the menu. Please note no booking or reserving of tables required.

Does Nandos do discount?

Nando’s are proud to offer a 20% nationwide discount to all employees of the British Emergency Services and Military forces (Army, Navy and RAF). This discount is offered in all our UK restaurants.

Who are Nandos competitors?

Nando’s’s top competitors include Dennys, El Pollo Loco, Texas Roadhouse and Shake Shack. Nando is a fast-casual restaurant company specializing in spicy Portuguese-style chicken dishes. Denny’s Corporation owns and operates full-service restaurant chains under the Denny’s brand.

How long does eat out help last?

The scheme is only available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week, which works out at a total of 13 days in August. That means there is now just one more day for diners to take advantage – although there is no limit on how many times you do it on any day.

Does Asda do NHS discount?

Does ASDA do NHS Discount? Unfortunately, there is no specific NHS staff discount at the moment, but we will continue to bring you the very latest in savings and promotions. … In the meantime, keep reading to find out how to save money on your next Asda shop.