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Can we book ola outstation in advance?

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got a complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

We at Ola have tackled this dilemma by bringing you ‘Ride Later’ on Ola Outstation- an everyday essential feature that allows you to pre-book Outstation cabs upto 7 days in advance. With ‘Ride Later’ on Ola Outstation, you can simply request a cab well in advance and have it at your doorstep, as planned.

Can we book advance in Ola?

It is worth mentioning that Ola allows users pre-book the ride only 1 hour 15 minutes before starting a journey. So, choose a time accordingly. Step 6: You’ll be asked to confirm your ride details that include your pickup/drop locations, total fare (depending on the type of cab you’ve opted for), pickup time.

Is Ola outstation guaranteed?

You can now be assured of an Ola Outstation cab by booking up to 7 days in advance. In case a cab is not allocated or doesn’t show up post booking, you will receive coupons worth Rs. 1000.

Can we book round trip in Ola?

Ola has introduced a 12-hour round trip package which perfectly caters to those looking for an affordable ride to nearby destinations. Select ‘Return in 12 hours’ in the ‘Return by’ option for your Round trip details while booking.

Who is cheaper Uber or Ola?

Ola came in at the cheapest at a cost of $14.89 while Uber cost $19.93 and Didi was the most expensive at $20.29. … Uber drivers net an average of $1.51 per kilometre, while Ola and Didi drivers earn about 15% more with around $1.70 per kilometre.

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What is the cost of Ola per km?

With rides starting from as low as Rs. 6/km, you can choose from a wide range of options! You can also opt to do your bit for the environment with Ola Share!

Can 4 people travel in Ola outstation?

Micro and Mini can seat upto 4 passengers and can accommodate up to 2-3 small size bags.

How many passengers can travel in Ola outstation?

-Ola will allow only two passengers to board the cab excluding the driver. They are required to sit by the windows on the rear of the car and not next to the driver. -The companies have urged the riders to make payment through wallets or any digital platform to avoid unnecessary contact.

Does Ola charge for cancellation?

If you cancel your reservation before one hour of the journey you won’t be charged. But if you cancel your booking within an hour before your journey begins, you could end up paying 50 percent of a flat rate as decided by your commute provider.

Can we schedule ride in Ola?

To schedule your ride first select your preferred vehicle view and tap on “Schedule A Ride.” Next set your pickup date, time, location, and destination. Confirm the details of your upcoming trip and tap “Schedule uberX” or “Schedule UberGO”. You can cancel any time before your ride is on the way.

How much does Ola pay to car owner?

The total is about Rs 4,000 a month. Gross income: Aggregators pay Rs 11 per km to the driver, including incentives. So, as per the average distance covered, a driver’s gross earnings are Rs 88,000 per month.

Can Ola take 5 passengers?

Any user can now book an Ola cab for 6 persons. Initially the restriction on the number persons was only 4. But now Ola offers the options to book a Ola cab for 6 persons. Chevrolet Enjoy, Nissan Evalia, Toyota Innova etc all come under this category.

What is Ola pass?

Ola, one of India’s largest cab aggregator platforms, is testing a new subscription-based feature called Ola Pass in India, offering flat fares for a select number of Ola Micro, Mini, or Prime rides at a fixed rate. … As we mentioned, the new Ola Pass feature will offer discounted, flat fares for daily commute rides.

What is Ola hourly package?

With Ola Rentals, you get cabs by the hour. Be it multiple pick-ups & drop-offs or uncertain travel plans or time-taking tasks, your Ola Rentals will stay with you. Simply choose the hourly package of your convenience and ride away. Use code RENTNOW and get 15% off upto Rs. 300 on your Ola Rental ride.

What is base fare in Ola?

The base fare for Ola and Uber is around Rs 7-8 per km which keeps fluctuating with demand. At peak times, surge pricing can be as much as Rs 24 per km. They have time charges of Rs 1 per minute as well.

Is Uber intercity a round trip?

Booking an intercity ride is as simple as booking a regular trip on Uber. Once you open your Uber app and enter your destination, you’ll be able to see the Uber Intercity option pop up on your screen.

What is the cost of uber per km?

For vehicles which are valued upto Rs 5 lakh, there will an additional per kilometre can be between Rs 18-Rs 36 on top of minimum fare upto 4 km which is Rs 75. A minimum fare upto 4 km- Rs 100 will be charged for vehicles valued between Rs 5 lakh-10 lakh with an additional fare per kilometre between Rs 21-Rs 42.

How do I know my Ola fare?

To view our rates, view the Rate Card option available in the app menu. You will be able to view fares for Ola rides in different cities there.

Is luggage allowed in Ola share?

How much luggage can I carry in my Ola Share ride? Ola requests you to carry not more than two small bags or one medium bag with the sum of length, width and height not exceeding 70 cms for small and 140 cms for medium bag, as there would be other co-passengers traveling along.

Do I have to pay toll in Ola outstation?

The Ola partner will take care of all toll charges so you can continue to enjoy a hassle free ride. … Although, on Outstation rides, toll charges have to be paid additionally during the ride.

What is night time allowance Ola?

Enjoy flat fares on your Ola rides during the night.

You can now take Ola rides at flat fares during night time. Pay Rs. 60 for 5 km, Rs. 110 for 10 km and Rs.

Does Ola give car?

How do I get a car on lease from Ola Fleet Technologies? Just submit your documents and pay the verification fee and security deposit. You will get the car on lease after verification. … You’ll need to pay a daily rental amount between Rs 700-1150 depending on your city and car model you have leased.

What is the monthly salary of Ola cab?

Average Ola Cabs Taxi Driver monthly pay in India is approximately ₹ 21,187, which is 43% above the national average.