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Can i get festering desire after the event?

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After the event has concluded, there is presently no method to obtain Festering Desire.

Can I still refine seething desire?

Because it is only available during the Festering Desire event, it is impossible to obtain another copy of it. It is not possible for players to obtain it from desires in the same manner that they would obtain any other 4-star weapon, and there is also currently no method to fabricate or replicate it. Instead, The Festering Urge can be perfected by making use of the one-of-a-kind event item known as Festering Dragon Marrow.

How do you obtain festering desire?

Enhance Using the Sulfurous Dragon Marrow

It is not possible to acquire several pieces of this weapon, in contrast to other weapons. In order to develop Festering Desire, you will need to make a purchase at the Event Store of The Chalk Prince & The Dragon for Festering Dragon Marrow.

When using Genshin Impact, what is the procedure for obtaining festering desire?

It is necessary to complete the “Princeps Cretaceus Chapter” quest in order to acquire the Festering Desire sword that Genshin Impact uses. This enables the main portion of the event titled “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.” Similarly, this enables you to get a new mission that follows on from the previous one. You are going to want to go back to the Adventurer’s Camp that is located at the location highlighted on your map.

After the incident, what are the steps to getting festering Dragon marrow?

Make your purchases at the Event Store.

It is only possible to get Festering Dragon Marrow by purchasing it from the event shop run by the Chalk Prince.

Overview and Background: The Effect of Genshin on Festering Desire

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How do you get favonius sword in Genshin?

The Knights of Favonius are known for their skill with standard longswords. In most cases, it is only granted after receiving the blessing of the Church as well as the order’s Grand Master. As a result of their research into Mondstadt’s Anemo, the artisans of Mondstadt have made some progress in the field of elemental affinity.

How exactly does one acquire putrid bone marrow, Genshin?

Players will need to make progress through the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event missions in order to be eligible to get Festering Dragon Marrow as a reward. There are a total of four pieces of Festering Dragon Marrow that players can get, and in order to get them, they must first complete a number of different event objectives.

Is it healthy to let desires fester?

The Festering Desire is an excellent weapon for Bennet not only due to the fact that it has a high base attack (510), but also due to the fact that it has a 45.9% energy recharge…. Keep in mind that the formula for calculating atk% is Base Attack of Character plus Base Attack of Weapon. Also, the additional damage that comes from Bennet’s ultimate ability is proportional to his base attack (weapon plus stats).

Is festering desire helpful for kazuha?

Festering Desire

On the other hand, the fact that this weapon’s effect increases the amount of damage dealt by Elemental Skills and the number of times they score a critical hit makes it a good choice for Kazuha. Many players choose to improve their event weapons to their highest possible level and refinement, which ensures that Festering Desire will make a significant contribution to Kazuha’s overall damage output.

Is festering desire beneficial for traveler?

The Festering Desire is now the most powerful blade in the Traveler’s arsenal… This sword is, in all seriousness, the best blade in the game for players whose characters have a relatively short cooldown for their elemental skills… Because I already had Albedo, I decided to modify my artifact build by handing the Traveler’s Black Sword over to him.

How can I stoke the flames of my raging appetite?

After you have made this purchase, enter your character screen, navigate to the weapons menu, and then click the “Enhance” button next to the Festering Desire Sword. If you select Refine and then the Festering Dragon Marrow, you will have the ability to refine it to level 2.

Is it in Ayaka’s best interest to let her desires fester?

The Primordial Jade Cutter is Ayaka’s first choice for the best blade. You also have the option of substituting The Black Sword, Festering Desire, or Iron Sting for this ability…. For Ayaka, the Primordial Jade Cutter is the ideal blade to use.

How exactly does one go about obtaining the 5 Star Sword in the Genshin impact?

How to Get Characters and Weapons with a Rating of 5 Stars in Genshin Impact
  1. Way Number One: Play through the main story and work your way up the Adventure Rank. When a player advances in level, they gain access to additional goods that can be utilized during pulls.
  2. The second method is to spend money. This is the primary way, and most likely the only way, that players will be able to draw a 5-Star hero from their decks.

Which of these weapons is most suitable for Kazuha?

If you’d rather put your efforts into making Kazuha a pure damage-dealing character, the Black Sword is the best option for this situation. It not only adds an extra thirty percent to the damage that is dealt by normal and charged attacks, but it also restores a portion of the user’s health that is proportional to eighty percent of their attack stat whenever a normal or charged attack scores a critical hit.

Does kazuha need energy?

If you’re going to use him as a lone Anemo character on your team, you’ll need to ensure that you have at least a 180% energy recharge available to you. If you have Venti, then having an energy recharge of about 145% should work for you. You have the option of going for energy recharge, Anemo damage bonus, and critical rate/damage if you do not have any pieces of elemental mastery for Kazuha.

Is kazuha a 5 star?

Kazuha is a Sword character with a five-star rating who possesses the Anemo Elemental vision.

Can we keep festering desire?

After the event has concluded, there is presently no method to obtain Festering Desire. Whenever any new information becomes available, we will be sure to update this section! No, if you did not participate in the event, you will not receive Festering Desire.

Which sword is the most suitable for keqing?

The Primordial Jade Cutter is Keqing’s most effective piece of weaponry. This five-star sword not only provides a boost to HP equal to 20% of the wielder’s maximum health, but it also provides an attack bonus equal to 1.2% of that maximum health. Moreover, it provides a 9.6% increase in critical strike chance, which is added to the 15% increase in critical strike chance that Keqing currently receives from her passive ability, Aristocratic Dignity.

Is festering desire good for albedo?

Festering Desire is, without a doubt, the most effective blade for Albedo… The sword has extremely rapid energy recharge rates, and in addition to that, it raises the damage done by Elemental Skills by 16 percent and the critical chance of Elemental Skills by 6 percent. In a nutshell, it works wonderfully for albedo.

Where does the impact of the crystal bone marrow Genshin occur?

On Yashiori Island, you can find Crystal Marrow on the bones of Orobashi. You can also find a couple of these marrows on Tatarasuna, at sea level to the west of Mikage Furnace.

Where exactly is the sword that must be sacrificed in Genshin impact?

The Sacrificial Sword, along with the other three weapons in the Sacrificial series, is exclusive to the Gacha Roll and Wish systems as the only means of acquisition. It is implied that players will have a greater chance of obtaining the Sacrificial Sword now that its summoning speed has been increased in Genshin Impact’s Epitome Summoning Banner.

What exactly is that that’s festering in the Dragon marrow?

Materials uniquely suited for the Festering Desire refining process. This is the result of cleansing the horrible venom that Durin spit forth, which had gotten into the ley lines of Dragonspine and spread throughout the entire region. You can improve the power of a bloodthirsty sword that has a great affinity for such materials if you apply this item to the blade of that sword.

How exactly does one go about acquiring the Skyrider sword in Genshin impact?

Players will need to talk to a figure named Pan Guan’er in order to obtain the Skyrider Sword. Pan Guan’er can be found seated beneath a teal-colored pavilion to the east of Qingyun Mountain in the Liyue region of the game world. As you interact with him, you will be given three different dialogue options to choose from.