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Australian Open: Sofia Kenin Boyfriend Or Husband Max Wenders -Is She Pregnant In 2022?

Australian Open: Sofia Kenin Boyfriend Or Husband Max Wenders -Is She Pregnant In 2022?

The internet is always ablaze with celebrity rumours, and the name of American professional tennis player Sofia Kenin is among those claiming that she is expecting a child. So, is it a fake or is it a true storey?

Despite the fact that she was born in Moscow, her parents, Alexander and Svetlana Kenin, were forced to leave the Soviet Union shortly after she was born.

Her mother had previously worked as a nurse in the Soviet Union before emigrating to the United States.

Her parents spotted her talent early on and arranged for her to train with Rick Macci in Broward County, Florida. Kenin started playing tennis at the age of five and has progressed steadily since then.

She is currently rated No. 4 in the world by the WTA and is the top-ranked American in the women’s singles division. In addition, she has been named the WTA Player of the Year for 2020.

Here’s all you need to know regarding the possibility of the player’s pregnancy rumours being true.

Max Wenders, Sofia Kenin’s boyfriend or husband at the Australian Open?

Sofia Kenin has been in a relationship with her coach, Max Wenders, since August of this year. Earlier this month, Kenin openly declared her connection with him on Instagram, where she also recently wished him a happy birthday.

Having sacked her previous coach, as well as her father, she recruited Wenders, a young Dutch coach with a lot of potential.

Max aspired to be a tennis player, according to reports, but he gave up after learning that it was too costly. Later, he enrolled in a training institute in Belgium and began working as a coach.

Is she expecting a child in 2022?

No, the tennis player is not pregnant in the least bit. It’s simply another rumour about a famous person.

Neither the athlete nor the coach have ever spoken publicly about the incident in question. Furthermore, her physical appearance does not lend itself to being a pregnant woman.

As a result, it is a fraud that has absolutely no truth. Because her field of specialisation necessitates physical strain, she may not be interested in becoming pregnant anytime soon.

Sofia Kenin’s Net Worth Is Revealed

Sofia Kenin is a billionaire at the age of 23, with an estimated net worth of $2.9 million. She is the youngest millionaire in the world.

Her professional tennis career is the primary source of her income. She has recently collected prize money in the amount of US$7,221,702 from the WTA Tour.

She was even placed 8th on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid female athletes in 2020, which was published in January.

On Instagram, you may meet her.

She may be reached via her Instagram account.

She has 210k followers on her verified Instagram account, which goes by the handle sofia.kenin.

Additionally, she has a verified Twitter account with 50.4k followers under the pseudonym @SofiaKenin, which she uses to communicate with her fans.

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