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Auctioneer Simon Bower Wikipedia Age – His Wife Family & Net Worth.

Auctioneer Simon Bower Wikipedia Age - His Wife Family & Net Worth.

Simon Bower, a senior auctioneer who is 52 years old, has been named director of Morgan Evans & Co, where he began his auctioneering career as a Salesroom Assistant. Learn more about the seasoned auctioneer by reading on.

A senior auctioneer, Simon Bower was formerly a butler to one of Anglesey’s most prominent landowners before entering the auction business.

In addition, he has just been named as a director of Morgan Evans & Co.

Bower has just been invited to participate on The Bidding Room, a new BBC show hosted by Nigel Haversas and slated to air in the fall.

Simon Bower’s Wikipedia page and age are both available.

Simon Bower is 52 years old at the time of this writing.

He became well-known as a result of his appearance on the BBC television show The Bidding Room.

His professional career began as a Salesroom Assistant at Morgans Evans & Co. a few years later.

Bower is still employed with Morgans Evans & Co, but he has advanced to the position of senior auctioneer and director of the firm.

Simon is really enthusiastic about what he does. Silver and ancient books are among his favourite commodities to appraise.

His actual date of birth has not been made public on the internet, nor has he revealed what year he was born. Finally, Simon was born in the North Wales town of Anglesey.

Wife of Simon Bower.

Auctioneer Simon Bower does not have a wife to support him.

Despite the fact that he is married, he has kept his personal life so quiet that no one is aware of his marital status.

We’ll presume he’s still single and hasn’t been married yet.

The Bower Family of Simon.

To this day, Simon Bower has not shared any information about his family with the public.

Simon left school to serve as a butler/housekeeper for Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall, Anglesey, where he met his future wife. However, he was unable to continue working due to the illness of his mother, for whom he was responsible for caring.

Simon’s grandmother, Janet Bower, was a well-known antiques dealer in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s who owned and operated multiple antique stores and art galleries in the Los Angeles area during that time period.

Simon Bower’s net worth is unknown.

The net worth of Simon Bower has not yet been determined.

There’s no denying that he makes a substantial amount of money in his role as an auctioneer.

Simon recently found a wooden closet valued at $62K (£45000), which the owner had no idea about until Simon discovered it.

In addition, he added that a successful transaction might have a ripple effect across the whole organisation.

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