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At their whims and fancies?

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: the state in which someone (someone) craves, desires, or decides something frequently in an unexpected manner The proprietor is the only one who can decide when the store is going to be open.

What practical use might whims and fancies have?

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It would appear that everything is carried out according to the whims and caprices of the contractor. The majority of businesses have simplified their creative processes in order to cater to the whims and preferences of their clientele. Due to the fact that this is the case, individuals are vulnerable to the caprices and whims of bosses who lack integrity. “I know all of their tiny whims and fancies,” she remarked. “I know all of their little quirks.”

What exactly do we mean when we talk about whims and fancies?

A whim is defined as an irrational desire to act on or have something that does not appear to be motivated by any significant cause or goal, and it typically comes on all of a sudden. It was more or less purely at random that we made the decision to sail to Morocco.

What is the meaning of the word whim in this context?

a spontaneous need to engage in an activity that is not prearranged. Sentence examples featuring the word Whim 1. The officer acted on an impulse and did not give any thought to his actions before brutally slamming the suspect to the ground.

What other words can be used in place of whim?

The words caprice, crotchet, and vagary are frequently used interchangeably with the word whim. Despite the fact that all of these words denote “an unreasonable or unpredictable concept or desire,” “whim” specifically refers to a strange and capricious change of mind or disposition.

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What is the opposite of the word “whim”?

Actuality, certainty, fact, reality, truth, and verity are all antonyms for one another. Belief, caprice, conceit, conception, desire, fancy, humor, idea, image, imagination, inclination, liking, mood, predilection, presumption, vagary, and vagabondage are all synonyms for one another.

Do you do things on a whim sometimes?

Because of a spontaneous, unplanned urge, desire, or notion; in the absence of meticulous planning or as a result of a capricious disposition.

The WHIM syndrome is defined as.

WHIM syndrome is an extremely uncommon form of primary immunodeficiency, which refers to a group of conditions in which the immune system of the body does not operate as it should. (W)arts, (H)ypogammaglobulinemia, (I)nfections, and (M)yelokathexis are the four components that make up the acronym WHIM, which describes some of the symptoms that are associated with this condition.

What is one illustration of a whim?

The definition of a whim is an impromptu urge to engage in an activity that was not previously deliberated upon. A whim is a fanciful impulse, or a whimsical concept. One example of a whim is the spontaneous decision to go gambling in Atlantic City on the spur of the moment because you feel like indulging in the activity.

How do you utilize capricious?

How to Use the Word Capricious in a Sentence?
  1. Jeremy’s mercurial personality made it challenging for him to maintain a regular employment situation.
  2. Henry’s mood swings have been much more manageable ever since he started taking the medicine.
  3. Even though the couple had their hearts set on having their wedding outside, they were well aware that their plans were subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Is it true that those in positions of authority can give in to their whims and fancies?

The leaders are free to act according to their whims and desires. Leaders have the ability to accomplish everything they set their minds to. There is no requirement for followers to pay attention to their leaders… A person who works for the interests of other people rather than for his own covert agenda or ulterior reasons in accordance with sound principles is someone who can be described as an ethical leader.

What does it mean to be at someone’s beck and call?

He anticipates that his employees will be at his beck and call at all hours of the day and night. The definition of “at someone’s beck and call” is “always ready to do anything someone asks.”

The term you’re looking for is “whimsy.”

  1. He had no choice but to cater to her every whim and fancy.
  2. the caprices of the fashion industry.
  3. on a whim On a whim, we decided to purchase the house.
  4. according to the whim of someone My responsibilities appear to be shifting on a daily basis at the whim of the boss.
  5. on a whim She has complete discretion over who she hires and fires.

What does it mean to defy someone?

: to disobey (something or someone) despite being told to: to make it extremely difficult or impossible to do (something), especially to resist or fight.

What is the correct usage of the word “vindicate” in a sentence?

Vindicate: some examples of use in a sentence

She will emerge totally exonerated as a result of the evidence. These discoveries provide evidence that their theory is correct. The technique that they took to solving the issue has been validated by the successful outcomes. As he learned the truth, he experienced a sense of vindication.

What does mean wimp?

: a weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person.

What exactly is this “kostmann syndrome”?

Rare, severe, congenital neutropenia, also known as Kostmann syndrome, is characterized by a lack of mature neutrophils (absolute neutrophil counts of less than 500 cells/mm3) and is associated with frequent, recurrent bacterial infections (such as otitis media, pneumonia, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, abscesses of skin and/or…). Kostmann syndrome is characterized by a lack of mature neutrophils and is characterized by

Is HPV an immunological deficiency?

Infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) is essentially widespread and eventually asymptomatic; nevertheless, pathologic infection with HPV is severe, persistent, and resistant to treatment. It is also a sign of basic immunodeficiency that receives insufficient attention.

Is HPV an infection caused by a virus?

The human papillomavirus, sometimes known as HPV, is a prevalent virus that has been linked to an increased risk of developing certain cancers later in life. If your child gets the HPV vaccine between the ages of 11 and 12, you can protect them from these cancers.

Is it based on a hunch or a leap of faith?

Although though “on a whim” is a valid construction in its own right, many people use the phrase “out on a whim” as if it were an idiom. This is despite the fact that “on a whim” is a legitimate construction. It’s obvious that “out on a limb” was the source of inspiration for that construction.

What are some other phrases for acting on the spur of the moment?

On this page you will find a list of 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for spur-of-the-moment. Some of the words on this list include: sudden impulse, offhand, extemporaneous, impromptu, off-the-cuff, fly, run, top of the head, inspiration, brainstorm, and ad-lib. Related words include: fly, run, top of the head, inspiration, brainstorm, and a

What exactly does it mean to go “out on a limb”?

in a precarious, embarrassing, or precarious position; for example, I filed a complaint regarding inadequate salaries, but the people who had supported me in the past abandoned me after I filed the complaint. This statement refers to a situation in which an animal has climbed out onto a branch of a tree but is either unable to escape or is overcome with fear.

How do you refer to someone who does not have much experience?

undisciplined, unschooled, naive, inept, youthful, untried, unsophisticated, immature, amateur, callow, fresh, green, ignorant, inexpert, innocent, child, new, raw, rookie, rude; see also immature, amateur, amateurish, callow, fresh, green, ignorant, inexpert, innocent, kid, new, raw, rookie, rude.

What does it mean to be megrim in the English language?

1a: migraine sense 1a. b: vertigo, dizziness. 2a: a whim or a fancy. b megrims plural: poor spirits.

What is the original term from which eccentric came?

The term “eccentric” was borrowed into Middle English from the Medieval Latin word “eccentricus,” although its origins can be traced back to a combination of the Greek terms “ex,” which means “out of,” and “kentron,” which means “center.” Middle English was influenced by Latin. “not having the same center” was the initial definition of the word “eccentric” in the English language.