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Are go outdoors closing down?

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JD Sports, which owns Go Outdoors, has filed a notice of its intention to appoint administrators. This means the company has not officially entered administration. Go Outdoors, which sells camping equipment, bikes and clothes, was forced to close all its stores in March due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Is go outdoors going bust?

Go Outdoors has been placed in and acquired back out of administration in a pre-pack deal by its former and now current owner JD Sports. A fundamental restructuring of the retailer has been deemed necessary with coronavirus having forced the closure of its 67 stores across the country.

What is happening to go outdoors?

Go Outdoors has been bought back by owner JD Sports for £56.5 million, after the parent company pushed it into administration. The retailer said the move would help to preserve as many jobs as possible at the outdoor chain, which employs 2,400 staff across 67 stores.

Is go outdoors closing stores?

Go Outdoors closed all its stores during April but began to reopen them from early May. However, continued restrictions on outdoor activities and the closure of campsites are likely to have hit sales. JD Sports filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators for the business on Friday.

Is go outdoors being sold?

Go Outdoors has been sold back to JD Sports for £56.5 million.

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Who Bought go outdoors?

JD Sports buy back Go Outdoors for £56.5m, in a pre-pack deal. Despite running a sale process, JD Sports said the business had a future in the wider group, so long it is fundamentally restructured.

Is go outdoors in financial trouble?

Go Outdoors, which sells camping equipment, bikes and clothes, was forced to close all its stores in March due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. But the outdoor activities retailer has been struggling long before the pandemic – it lost £54.9 million in the six months to August 3 last year.

How long does a go outdoors card last?

Your GO Outdoors Discount Card will be valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase, and will need to be renewed for continuous use. To renew your card there will be an additional £5 charge, which will validate it for a further 12 months.

Is JD Sports going into liquidation?

JD Sports has bought back its Go Outdoors chain for £56.5m after putting it into administration. … Sky’s City editor Mark Kleinman said then that JD was expected to use an insolvency process to restructure the chain, which trades from 67 shops.

Can you take dogs in go outdoors?

From experienced mountaineers to dog walkers and their dogs, everybody’s welcome.

Who owns OEX?

Own-Brand Range or Product of the Year was won by Go Outdoors for its OEX line of affordable tents, sleeping bags, clothes and accessories.

Do you need a go outdoors card to shop there?

There is no need for the card unless you are buying instore and you can buy the card when/if you do shop instore and get the card prices immediately.

How do I contact go outdoors?

You can contact us by telephoning our Customer Services team on 0330 008 1555 or by writing to us at [email protected] or Edinburgh House, Hollinsbrook Way, Pilsworth, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 8RR.

How many go outdoors stores in UK?

Go Outdoors has 67 stores across the UK and has lost £291.1 million in the six months to August 3 last year. READ MORE: Retail Gazette Loves: Go Outdoors rebrands to Go Indoors.

Is there JD Sports in America?

Last year was the dawn of a new era. We made waves and opened 5 brand new JD Sports US stores and we’re keeping it rolling through 2019. … On April 20, 2019, the newest JD US location was added to the roster in *drumroll* The Mall of America!

Can someone else use my Go Outdoors discount card?

The discount card can be used by the person it’s registered too.

Is Ultimate Outdoors the same as go outdoors?

JD Sports’ ultimate owners are the Pentland Group, which also owns the Berghaus brand. JD Sports paid £112m for GO Outdoors to its private-equity owners. … John Graham and Paul Caplan acquired GO Outdoors in a management buyout with backing from YFM Equity Partners and 3i Group.

How do I cancel my Go Outdoors discount card?

2.11 To cancel your Discount Card under paragraph 2.10, please call our Customer Services on 0330 0081555 or contact us at [email protected] with a clear statement of cancellation. Once confirmed, we will refund you within 30 days, using the same payment method you used to pay for the Discount Card.

When did go outdoors start?

The move marks the end of a hugely successful 18 year spell for the pair, who launched the company in 1998 when they took over a huge outdoor emporium in Sheffield.

When did JD Sports buy go outdoors?

In November 2016, JD Sports acquired GO Outdoors for £112 million.

Are Cotswold Outdoor in trouble?

Two Cotswold Outdoor stores and one Snow+Rock shop are to close as part of the approved Outdoor & Cycle Concepts company voluntary arrangement (CVA). Under the CVA, approved this morning by more than 97% of creditors, four stores from the UK retailer’s portfolio will close in the next three months.

Which Cotswold village is best?

Before you go, plan your sightseeing with our list of the best villages in the Cotswolds.
  • Castle Combe, Wiltshire. …
  • Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire. …
  • Painswick, Gloucestershire. …
  • Bibury, Gloucestershire. …
  • Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. …
  • Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. …
  • Burford, Oxfordshire. …
  • Broadway, Worcestershire.

Does Cotswold Outdoor own snow and rock?

Cotswold Outdoor is a trading brand of Outdoor and Cycle Concepts Limited, who also own the Snow and Rock, Cycle Surgery and Runners Need chains of shops.