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Are aaron and lucinda still together?

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However, in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Lucinda made it clear that she and Aaron did not have a future together. Further elaborating on her thoughts, Lucinda said that she had not found love during her tenure on the show. Yet, her connection with Aaron remained, and they decided to stay good friends.

Did Lucinda and Aaron break up?

Love Island’s Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis have confirmed they are still friends despite having broken up after being axed from the dating show. They left the island as a couple on July 25 after being voted off by the public in a poll where viewers chose their favourite couples.

Who does Lucinda couple up with?

She arrived on day eight, alongside fellow newcomer Millie Court, and Lucinda eventually coupled up with Brad McClelland.

Are Lucinda and Brad together now?

Love Island 2021

“But yeah, it’s a great place. You should go.” However, when Lucinda was then quizzed one any romantic future for her and Brad, she appeared to pour cold water on it, saying: “No, we’re not back together. We’re just taking things very slowly at the moment.”

Does Lucinda have a boyfriend?

Lucinda Strafford’s ‘boyfriend’ Aaron Connolly reportedly looked after her dog while she was in Love Island. … Premier League footballer Aaron reportedly looked after Lucinda’s dog in the home they previously shared while she coupled up with different boys in Mallorca.

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Which love Islander has a boyfriend?

Love Island star Lucinda Strafford is causing confusion among fans, after a report claimed she actually still has a boyfriend. Apparently, 21-year-old Aaron Connolly still ‘considers her to be his girlfriend’ and claims he’s looking after her pet dog while she’s in the villa.

Is Millie and Liam still together?

Love Island winners Liam Reardon and Millie Court have changed their post-villa plans and will move in together after all. Talking on Capital South Wales the pair revealed that they will no longer be living separately in Millie’s home county of Essex with other contestants.

Who left Love Island Lucinda or Brad?

Before Aaron, Lucinda was coupled up with Brad and she revealed they have been texting too – and she’s keen to meet up. They were forced apart due to a cruel twist in which they had to decide which of them should go home. Brad chivalrously sacrificed himself leaving Lucinda free to explore her Love Island journey.

Did Lucinda leave with Brad?

ICYMI, Brad left the show almost two weeks ago, when he and Lucinda were voted the least compatible couple by the public. They had to choose between them which one would leave. Days later, Lucinda recoupled with Aaron Francis, but the pair were later dumped by public vote.

What happened to Brad on Love Island?

Love Island’s Brad McClelland had a cruel end to his time in the Spanish villa last week. … The 26-year-old left the show following a classic Love Island twist which saw him and his partner Lucinda Strafford, 21, face being dumped from the island.

What ethnicity is Lucinda Strafford?

Lucinda is half Scottish

Lucinda revealed her mum is Scottish when talking about her ‘exotic looks’ on her first day in the villa.

Who is Kat Kristian?

Kat Kristian is an Indian model and actress who rose to fame after participating in the modelling reality TV show “MTV India’s Next Top Model- Season 4” (2018).

Who is Lucinda in Ace of space?

Lucinda Nicholas is an Actress, Australian Model, Yoga Instructor, and Writer. She is the winner of Miss World Australian title. Earlier, she was a participant in Bigg Boss 11. In this Year 2019, She participates in Ace of Space reality show of MTV Channel as a contestant.

Is Hugo leaving Love Island?

Hugo Hammond has spoken out after his exit from Love Island 2021. Tonight saw four Islanders dumped from the Love Island villa as Hugo left alongside partner Amy Day as well as both Clarisse Juliette and Sam Jackson.

How long does Casa Amor last?

Over the course of three to four days, the contestants get to know the new singles before making a choice whether to stick with their partner or couple up with someone new when they return to the villa.

Is Hugo still on Love Island?

Hugo now works as a PE teacher in an English secondary school. He appeared as one of the original line-up of contestants in this year’s Love Island, coupling up with Chloe Burrows in episode one.

Who is Kat Kristian dating now?

Kat Kristian’s age is 24 (years old) as of 2021 and she looks fabulous with her brown hairstyle and pierced navel. She has a boyfriend Fabi Vera who is a music artist.

Is Kat Kristian and Kevin dating?

Splitsvilla X3 couple Kat Kristen and Kevin Almasafir had quite a controversial end to their relationship recently. The couple, who started dating each other in the show, ended their relationship recently after they couldn’t sort things out between them.

Is Lucinda Strafford rich?

According to Stars Offline, Lucinda’s worth is around £400,000, which is pretty impressive for someone in their early 20s. She has earned her money by setting up her own Instagram clothing ’boutique’ called The Luxe Range.

Who is the youngest in Love Island 2021?

Love Island 2021 ages: This is how old all of the cast members are this year
  • Sharon Gaffka is 25-years-old and from Oxford. …
  • 24-year-old Aaron is a luxury events host. …
  • Liberty is the equal youngest contestant this year, aged 21. …
  • 24-year-old Jake is a water engineer from Weston-super-Mare.

Is Lucinda Strafford single?

The reality star shut down the ‘rumours’ alleging any claims she was still with Aaron were false and he didn’t drive her to the airport ahead of her appearance on the show. Shortly after she returned home from Mallorca, Lucinda told MailOnline: ‘I am completely and utterly single.

Does Brad go home in Love Island?

But those three couples didn’t receive enough votes to remain safe. … Ultimately it was Brad and Lucinda who received the fewest votes of all, and they were forced to make a mammoth decision.

Will Brad return to Casa Amor?

Whether or not Brad gets the chance to return to the show, he also recently revealed on Good Morning Britain that he “definitely” wants to see Lucinda once she leaves the villa. When asked by Richard Arnold whether he’ll meet up with Lucinda when she’s back in the UK, Brad said: “Definitely.