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AGT: Does Nightbirde aka Jane Marczewski Has A Cancer? Age, Wikipedia & Instagram


AGT: Does Nightbirde aka Jane Marczewski Has A Cancer? Age, Wikipedia & Instagram

Nightbirde, aka Jane Marczewski, of American Idol fame, has been diagnosed with cancer. Learn more about it by reading this article.

Jane Marczewski is a competitor on the reality television show America’s Got Talent. During her performance last night, she was awarded a golden buzzer. Furthermore, she even managed to make Simon Cowell cry.

Jane, better known by her stage name Nightbirde, is an exceptionally gifted vocalist. Similarly, she has a blog on which she writes about her life experiences. Every Tuesday at 8 p.m./7 p.m. EST, you can witness her performance on America’s Got Talent, which airs on NBC.

The AGT: Is Nightbirde, aka Jane Marczewski, Suffering From Cancer?

Jane Marczewski does, in fact, have cancer. She is suffering from terminal cancer and has just 6 months left to live, according to doctors. In reality, she has a survival rate of about two percent. A cancer diagnosis was made for Jane on New Year’s Eve, and several tumours were discovered throughout her body, including in her lungs, liver, lymph nodes, ribs, and spine.

Despite the fact that she has been diagnosed with a fatal condition, her ambitions remain unabated. Jane was declared to be in remission in July 2020. Unfortunately, the cancer returned a second time as well. She has been diagnosed with cancer three times as of right now.

The Age of Jane Marczewski, Wikipedia

NightBirde hasn’t revealed how old she is publicly yet. She has, however, stated in an interview that she is in her late thirties and has past the prime of her life. Unfortunately, her actual age and date of birth cannot be determined from publicly available information.

Despite the fact that Jane has yet to appear on Wikipedia, she may be found in the headlines of several news sites throughout the world.

Jane Marczewski’s Instagram handle is @janemarczewski

You may follow her on Instagram under the handle @ nightbirde. Her participation on American Idol has helped her get more admirers. In fact, she has managed to amass a total of 29.2k followers on her Instagram page.

Furthermore, the hashtag #seejanewinAGT is used in her bio. Her Instagram bio also contains a link to her Link tree account, which you may follow.

Husband: Jane Marczewski’s Family, as well as her Children

Marczewski has not revealed anything about her spouse at this time. It is said that she was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her miscarriage.

There is a possibility that Jane was in a relationship, but no information is available.

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